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Show Of Hands July 1st, 2011 12:00am

Do you have an actual bucket list (things you want to do before you 'kick the bucket')?

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07/20/11 1:04 am

@kaylaeggs LOVE the Kentucky derby/snazzy hat one!! 

07/07/11 11:48 pm

Yes. Go to the Kentucky Derby with a snazzy looking hat, go sky diving, become a professional clarinetist, and live a life pleasing to God. :) I have more but my memory is being mean to me.

07/05/11 10:21 pm

One of my top goals (not bucket list......what happens when you finish it? You die....?) was to meet Julie Andrews and Carrie underwood and I did both! Julie was so sweet and fun to be around. Carrie gave me a hug and was so sweet and kind and make me happy!

07/04/11 9:26 am

@Jut347: You're the only one stopping yourself from making a new, or expanding your list.

Jut347 Georgia
07/04/11 2:04 am

If someone asked me of a couple of things that I wanted to do I could answer them without hesitation but I don't have an actual organized or physical list. Plus that could be bad. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of someone crossing off the last item. Yea... Not good...

07/03/11 9:39 pm

Point is, it's all mental. If you're gonna have a "bucket list," or goals, STICK TO IT!
YOU, the creator of YOUR list, are the only reason, or the only one, who can keep you from crossing items off that list. You'll be much more satisfied when you do cross items off that list.

07/03/11 9:35 pm

Marijuana. One day, I chose to stop smoking marijuana. Not 'cause I wanted to stop that, but because of the consequences that could result if my employer discovered what I do. On the down side to that, it has been replaced with 1-3 beers a day. 
But I have a stressful job and its the cheapest fix.

07/03/11 9:29 pm work. Nothing keeps a person sane like keeping other people happy, and what our society currently refers to as "acceptance."

07/03/11 9:28 pm

Interaction, for the sake of staying in touch, and not going crazy - I participate in SoH polls, and since they've added comments, it's only gotten that much better! I read the news. Everyday.
At age 24, I REFUSE to get a Facebook acct. IMO, THAT is a TOTAL waste of life. I'm also the "funny guy"...

07/03/11 9:24 pm

I've chosen to continue to expand my mind by reading more. A few times a week, I'll read.
Right now, I'm reading, and taking the time to thoroughly understand the Christian Bible.
Next, I plan to read the Qur'an, then maybe the Mahabharata.

07/03/11 9:21 pm

How I'm quickly getting out of this hole we call "debt" - I choose to, and continually choose to, NOT buy what I want* and to put all my extra $ left over into savings. One-by-one, all my credit cards are being paid off.
*I put $20/week into a splurge account for sake of staying happy/sane.

07/03/11 9:17 pm

but rather making a totally different decision with regards to what you do on a regular basis.
For example: how I lost >40 lbs. in <3months - I changed my eating habits. Not a diet! Diets fail. I chose more veggies and a LOT less red meat, pork, and fast-food.

07/03/11 9:14 pm

@Samuel: it's all about mentality.
If you want to do more, you must choose to do more. If you want to do less, that's your choice too.
In my short, <25 years of life, I've found that the hardest thing to do in life is to choose to do something differently.
I'm not talking going one way or the other,

07/03/11 7:28 pm

I have a little notebook that I carry everywhere with me(:

KudosToYou California
07/03/11 6:14 pm

Agreed MDF31411592
No life should be in vain, yet we work all day only to go home and sit in front of the computer/tv (I'm no exception really) No one lives anymore.

07/03/11 6:02 pm

I wanna go to Grand Canyon and go out on that glass shelf even tho I'm not crazy bout heights.

07/03/11 3:28 pm

The journey is as important as the destination, maybe more so. My experience is planning for the future is not an issue as long as I am present for the planning and the journey. Making plans for the future can be your present moment.

07/03/11 11:32 am

yes, it's not written because things keep getting added

07/02/11 11:56 pm

'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.' -Buddha.

07/02/11 5:22 pm

Skydiving and auditioning for the blue man group are both on my list

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/02/11 1:18 pm

One of the things on my list was to go on a cruise,we did it la to ft lauderdale in 15days. awsome

07/02/11 9:52 am

I think it's a little depressing to plan ur life like that. Some ideas are alrite like I want to visit here or get a promotion. My opinion will probably change as I get older. It's a pretty personal opinion, I think

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/02/11 6:52 am

Be a community servant. That's basically most of serving my Creator.

I do expect to make waves so, sorry that I make the waves, but they can definitely be fun to surf!

Fiat Lux!

07/02/11 4:21 am

#46: Never think like Samuel from New Mexico!

07/02/11 4:18 am

Def want to float around weightless in space, maybe go for a walk on the moon. Cage dive with a great white shark. (and/or both together)

emsies Seattle
07/02/11 1:02 am

I want to ride on a baggage carousel. I want to sit in a basketball hoop. I WANNA EAT CLOUDS!!

07/01/11 11:01 pm

I don't have a bucket list, I have goals!

notthemomm Florida
07/01/11 9:01 pm

Visit all states in us and every continent. Teach my son compassion, own and referb 68-69 camaro finish college, learn barracuda on guitar just a few of them

07/01/11 7:42 pm

Jojo.....I just don't have the legs to pull off pumps so will scratch from my list... :)

Think Lovin Life
07/01/11 7:41 pm

Enjoy my adult children and spoil my grandbabies!

07/01/11 6:53 pm

You don't even have to write it down. It can be a mental list too.

#3 walk down times square in prada pumps and a Burberry trench coat

07/01/11 4:40 pm

I made one last year, and for my new years resolution I finished 10 things off of it, and I am only 17. It is really fun to write. You should make one.

07/01/11 4:12 pm

#38:Shoot an elephant with a bazooka

07/01/11 3:37 pm

Omg. A bucket list doesn't have to mean you're dying tomorrow. It means in your life time things you want to do or accomplish!!! Geez. Whether you think you do or not, if you have dreams, goals, or inspiration you sort of do have a bucket list

07/01/11 2:49 pm

I don't plan on dieing soon

07/01/11 1:50 pm

I think I will start my bucket list now...

#1 get out of bath tub looking sexy for man

07/01/11 1:46 pm

@Johnnyc-- it's always important to own a 69 camaro

07/01/11 1:10 pm

I want to hang out with Isaiah and my huskies! Pickles!

07/01/11 1:09 pm

I want to find the sweeper

07/01/11 12:03 pm

I want to perform a citizans arrest before i keel over

07/01/11 10:17 am

@Samuel: What motivates me -
Whether we humans are here for a higher entity or not, no life should be in vain. Even if we were a "mistake" (as evolutionists believe), isn't it still worth making something of nothing?
We're all good at one thing or another; put that good talent to use!!

07/01/11 10:08 am

Less of a "bucket-list," more of a to-do list or goals:
By age 30: Buy a house, go back to school, study physics
By age 50: Get a degree or two... or three, find a career, have some kids
By age 75: change the world, in one way or another, using my God-given talents
By age 100: Relax a little.

KudosToYou California
07/01/11 10:02 am

This could be a good indication of why things are the way they are. Without real defined aspirations what is motivating us?

07/01/11 9:53 am

I just want to convince my husband to let us move out of this god-forsaken state...

And before I die, I will make it happen.