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Tausif7 August 2nd, 2015 2:14am

Do you use any special type of pillow to help you sleep? I have a nice Tempurpedic pillow since I used to have neck problems.

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Rosebud Ohio
08/01/15 11:05 pm

My mom got my husband and I these cooling king sized bamboo pillows for Christmas last year. They're heaven.

susanr Colorado
08/01/15 7:28 pm

Nothing special, but not an overly firm one. I want a pillow I can squish to suit different positions.

rstatesmen2 equally unfair to ALL
08/01/15 7:17 pm

Sleep number memory foam and air pillow. I can change it firmness.😋

Tausif7 California
08/01/15 8:45 pm

What the balls?!? Changeable firmness? Where can I find one of these?