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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/02/15 7:03 am

I bring almonds

08/01/15 11:05 pm

This is a win win situation

tdkseth Texas
08/01/15 7:51 pm

By the candy cheaper somewhere else lol

WildRice With a side of sass
08/01/15 7:16 pm

I got sick on theater candy once... Popcorn popcorn!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/01/15 4:59 pm

Candy makes me more happier, and keeps longer (if kept away from me).

tenletters New York
08/01/15 3:17 pm

I spy a kit kat 👀👀👀

But I do love popcorn.

One of the theaters I go to recently started offering oreo churros with oreo cream to dip the churro pieces in. I will be going to that theater much more.

mc88 Cleveland OSU
08/01/15 3:13 pm

I looooove popcorn

WildRice With a side of sass
08/01/15 7:15 pm

Me too! I usually eat through the whole thing before previews are done and then I refill for the movie 😳🐷

susanr Colorado
08/01/15 1:41 pm

You cruel person!

You remember about me & peanut butter, don't you? During one movie, I could - and would - eat the entire jar.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
08/01/15 1:49 pm

I do remember. I'm a fan, as well. Creamy for me, please.

Penn555 Maine
08/01/15 1:04 pm

Movie theater popcorn makes me sick (which is too bad, since it's so good!), so candy it is.

Kay41 the Midwest
08/01/15 12:32 pm

This is tough! Usually the smell of the popcorn gets me as I go into a theatre. So if I'm going to get something, which isn't very often, it is usually popcorn.

KudosToYou California
08/01/15 12:32 pm

If I buy any concessions at a theater, I'll get popcorn and a drink. If I want candy, I'm sneaking it in my pockets.

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
08/01/15 12:34 pm

Same here. Usually I'll bring in a soda and candy and just buy popcorn.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
08/01/15 1:40 pm

Bad girls bad girls, whatcha gonna do?

Kimbobee the middle of nowhere
08/01/15 3:08 pm

I do what I want. 😋