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smarttexan August 1st, 2015 4:37pm

Stephen Hawkins launched the Breakthrough Initiative, focused on searching for extraterrestrial life. Some support this & some don't. Is it better to be inquisitive & seek out truth or be content with what we know while waiting for truth to find us?

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BroadwayGurl Previously Potterhead4eva
08/04/15 3:48 pm

We got where we are today by being inquisitive

08/02/15 5:44 am

What I dint understand about Stephen Hawking is that he shames religion and religious people for believing in God when there is no evidence for their existence yet he continues to believe that extraterrestrial life is out there when there is no

08/02/15 5:44 am

Evidence for there existence. It's very hypocritical to me.

08/02/15 1:49 am

I thought that he recently argued that it's extremely dangerous to attempt to contact extraterrestrial life.

superfish89 st. louis
08/01/15 9:57 pm

This initiative has about half the budget of the movie Spider-man 2 for those wondering.

08/01/15 8:05 pm

There's a difference between being inquisitive and being obsessed. After searching for so long, the evidence is virtually non-existent, and finding alien life would be inconsequential to virtually 100% of humans. it is an obsession.

08/01/15 8:05 pm

So you're welcome to continue searching, but let's not pretend as if there's something wrong with those who don't share your obsession.

rstatesmen2 equally unfair to ALL
08/01/15 8:40 pm

Just remembered we could find something that's more advanced than us. And it will destroy us. That is the chance that we are taking. I believe there is nothing out there that God put us on this planet in the universe is for man to explore. 😎😄

08/01/15 9:05 pm

I'm all for exploring the universe as one sees fit. But I have no time for the types that think they're superior to those who aren't interested in such things. They are demonstrably inferior.

commonsense America isnt racist
08/01/15 12:29 pm

Eh, people have been searching for decades. Nothing new or special about it. Why all the news? The guy from Microsoft but in a Billion I think , to the create the Allen array for SETI.

sea California
08/01/15 10:13 am

If it's government money, no. There needs to be a payoff.

susanr Colorado
08/01/15 11:18 am

It isn't. The funding ($100M) is being donated by a Russian entrepreneur. According to articles I've read.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
08/01/15 9:49 am


Sorry, I tried to resist 😋

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
08/01/15 10:03 am

Thanks - I tend to type these when I'm walking or jogging. It's not the best for spell check.

alkie New York
08/01/15 11:50 pm

That's the New York pronunciation

gow488 Korea
08/01/15 9:39 am

It's his money so he can spend it however he likes