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Show Of Hands December 9th, 2012 12:00am

Would you spend $1,000 on a surgery to try to save the life of your pet?

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12/15/12 6:10 pm

So because I am on a fixed income as a disabled person I am not allowed to have a pet? He eats very well, has regular vet appointments, is loved and adored but because I don't have an extra $1k around, I am undeserving... hmm. Would you prefer all the homeless pets to just be euthanized?

kuroneko Japan
12/14/12 11:24 pm

Depends on the chances of it working

12/14/12 3:13 pm

Why do you have a smart phone? It's just a bunch of plastic and metal pieces all glued together. Save a human life with the money you spend every month on that smart phone bill. Human lives are more valuable and important. Anyone who disagrees is seriously deluded.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/14/12 7:07 am

Yes, but $1000 is relative to how much you have. For Bill Gates $1000 is comparable to a $1 payment for most people.

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
12/13/12 6:03 pm

It's just an animal. Just by living with you it already receives more than enough in food, shelter and love, and is a much better life already. Save a HUMAN life with that money instead. Human beings lives are more valuable and important. Anyone who disagrees is seriously deluded.

EarlyBird Portland
12/13/12 12:07 pm

Crazy and Rasta - horrible stories. I feel for both of you.

EarlyBird Portland
12/13/12 12:02 pm

Thank goodness for people like you.
Thank you!

12/12/12 11:56 pm

I spent over 1,000 for a homeless, blind, 5 year old dog I dog found who is now happily with a new owner and enjoying the rest of his life.

12/12/12 11:53 pm

You are a sad sad person

12/12/12 11:19 pm

What a waste of money. It's pathetic when a society spends so much time and effort on an animal - which is incapable of love or reasoning - while the poor and oppressed remain so.

12/12/12 11:01 pm

Vets can be such a-holes. My bulldog almost died because the vet gave him too much Valium. I took him to get neutered, and received a call hrs later telling me I needed to pick up my dog and take him to a hospital 40 min away, because he was dying of respiratory issues.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/12/12 10:08 pm

All this question really determines is the set of people who aren't very successful yet. I think it's a safe bet the very rich would not hesitate for a second if their pet needed a thousand dollar surgery.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/12/12 8:11 pm

I would have demanded a refund. $1500 just so your poor cat could die after having kidney stones and surgery, all due to a mistake on the vet's part? not fair at all.

adriannefaiza Maryland
12/12/12 2:24 pm

I'm struggling to spend 950 $ on my roof canal...sry cat but ur f-ed

Aliggan China and Florida
12/12/12 12:27 pm

1k? That's a lot. (Trying to be insensitive). But still, my dog has had a nice 10 years to live (he's a larger dog).

12/12/12 10:25 am

Wow, that's awful. I'm sorry

tatert0ts California
12/12/12 8:27 am

If the surgery is proven to cure my pet then yes!!

crazynurse Washington
12/11/12 11:13 pm

Spent $1500 for my cat to have kidney stones removed. The vet forgot to suture the ureter back to the kidney from the bladder and my cat died in 24 hours on Xmas day. Was devastating.

rodin South Dakota
12/11/12 9:31 pm

yes. but I wouldn't give a dime to a politicians election campaign

12/11/12 7:14 pm

I think it really depends on what the surgery is for. If it's a young animal and the surgery would save it's life, absolutely. If it was just to try and prolong something that's already terminal, then no.

12/11/12 6:19 pm

Yes, I have already and would do so again, no hesitations!

PuppyLvr In love with Listgarten
12/11/12 4:23 pm

This EXACT same thing happened to us! Our puppy made it :)

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/11/12 3:11 pm

lol sorry but I cracked up at "you can't fix stupid." I guess I understand what you're saying. it doesn't have to do with the dog being a mutt, it's just its personality. still a teeny bit harsh, but I get it.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/11/12 3:03 pm

if they're suffering and you can't save them, even if it's because you can't financially afford to, it doesn't mean you did wrong by ever owning them in the first place.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/11/12 3:02 pm

like I said, not everyone can afford to spend a thousand dollars on their animals. that doesn't mean they shouldn't own them. I think being able to feed them, give them love and attention, and take care of their general health is enough.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/11/12 2:57 pm

that's exactly how I feel... finally someone who agrees. it doesn't mean you don't love your pet; in fact, it's the opposite. it means you're thinking about their feelings as well as your own.

opie123 Washington
12/11/12 1:39 pm

Our dog needs knee surgery, the problem is that there is a 30% chance it will work and won't have to be redone after a year. 3,000 each knee. Our vet told us not to do it. 6,000 is a lot on a slim chance

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
12/11/12 9:39 am

if it was me, I couldn't do it. why make them suffer? if they are "terminal" or beyond help, it's selfish to do that

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
12/11/12 9:36 am

My sister wanted to, her dog had arthritis really bad.. Poor thing couldn't walk, she could barely walk up the stairs. my sister was asking about a hip replacement. I thought she was an idiot. The vet told her the best thing was to was to put her down. After a month she finally euthanized her. If

12/11/12 9:18 am

I did for my English Bulldog. Money well spent. $1,800 15 years ago when I barely had it.

EIT Near You
12/11/12 6:29 am

I spent $3500 to be exact. Had I bought the insurance plan that costs another $30/mo I could've paid only $250! :sigh:

12/11/12 6:12 am

$1300 to remove our beagles lung full of cancer. We only got one more year before it spread everywhere else! It was 15 years ago and every time we talk about it there is no regret on what we spent!!

12/11/12 1:22 am

My animals are very much a part of our family, and they get just as much care as any of us humans would get. Just giving up on them and not paying for care for them is not an option.

jmav Beach
12/10/12 11:59 pm

Cheaper to buy a new one.

12/10/12 11:36 pm

I love my Black Lab... And he loves me! He is my best friend in the world and the only one I can trust and can go to at all times. We spend time with each other 24/7! I would do anything to save him!!!

Doctorsgirl Alaska
12/10/12 10:49 pm

Cornybread: the poll question is suggestive of cost being the reason for declining surgery, not dependent on success of outcome. Therefore my comment is directed at pet owners where cost is the overwhelming determinate on needed care for their animal.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:41 pm

it really depends on the situation. both options can be costly so you just have to determine what's best for the animal. but please, don't label all of us as people who shouldn't own animals, just because we may not believe in putting them through surgery.

Doctorsgirl Alaska
12/10/12 10:36 pm

Euthanizing a pet when it comes time is a part of pet ownership as well. Sedation, euthanizing medication, private cremation/ body disposal...... Putting a pet down can be costly.

12/10/12 10:36 pm

Assuming you didn't have that kind of money laying around like most Americans today.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:34 pm

not everyone has a few extra grand to spend on their pets, and not everyone puts animals on the same level as humans. sometimes paying for your pet to have surgery pays off, and that's great. but if you're making your pet suffer even more just because you don't want to let go, that's being selfish.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:31 pm

you all sound like liberals, just saying. None of you have the right to assume that a stranger has done nothing noble to help anyone. you don't know them. and you're really getting that bent out of shape because someone has different opinions about animals than you?

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:27 pm

a fish is sort of a different story altogether... :p

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:24 pm

just because you don't agree with their views.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/10/12 10:23 pm

and if the surgery doesn't save the animal's life, you've just spent several grand to make your pet suffer even more with no benefit. not everyone has that kind of money, and not everyone would be able to do that to their pets. don't go accusing people of being bad pet owners