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Rotavele August 1st, 2015 2:20am

Due to being a bit overly-confident while answering one of my finals, I accidentally dropped my GPA out of magna cum laude range. Though typically, I find myself scoring higher when I am a bit confident. Do you work better when confident or cautious?

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tenletters New York
08/02/15 6:49 am

Cautious, I make less stupid mistakes and I focus better on taking the test.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
08/01/15 3:19 pm

I do better when I have a healthy amount of skepticism.

shygal47 Florida east coast
08/01/15 6:23 am

I used to work confidently and cautiously reviewed before submission. Am retired now.

RedDye40 Way Over Yonder
08/01/15 5:51 am

Yet, I did the same thing - last final of my last semester ~ graduated magna rather than summa. I was heartbroken (I know it's basically irrelevant, but I worked HARD for that top designation).
So, here's a *HUG* - I admire your effort!

PresWK Minnesota
07/31/15 10:03 pm

Confident, I aced nearly every test in my math class this last year without double checking

sea California
07/31/15 8:16 pm

I definitely work better when cautious. Complacency is not your friend.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
07/31/15 8:16 pm

Definitely cautious.

osouless Whats Next
07/31/15 8:04 pm

I always assume i know what i'm doing. I never study, i never question myself unless i know 100% i was wrong, and i always make sure i'm walking in, and out, of exams/classes confident. It's worked wonders so far.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
07/31/15 8:03 pm

Are you able to speak to the professor?

Rotavele Alabama
08/01/15 1:42 am

I am, but she has a "no grades changed" thing everywhere and even made us re-write it for a quiz. So I'm assuming it won't go anywhere.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
08/01/15 4:44 am

If you're an A student in her class, humbly speak with her, lay your precedent and be calm and reasonable with your defense. If it's a matter of a point or two, request an additional assignment to show good faith.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
08/01/15 3:23 pm

My professors would only give extra work for a bump in grades prior to the final. It was wasting your breath to even ask after, their philosophy was you should have been concerned before not after.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
08/01/15 8:58 pm

But at graduation and cum vs. magna cum might be a game changer. Bring chocolate!

07/31/15 7:55 pm

I always tried "cautious confidence." I approached tests like I knew I would ace them, if not for a stupid mistake that I had to be very cautious to avoid. 3 degrees later including a masters I only made less than a A on my very first college class

bethanyq Ess Eff
07/31/15 7:26 pm

It takes a balance, but caution comes to me more naturally, so I find my performance improves when I'm feeling more confident, because for me, confidence is a more noticeable departure from the norm.

RedDye40 Way Over Yonder
08/01/15 5:57 am

Same here - naturally cautious. I like to go in, read & answer all that I'm 100% certain about; then take my time reading carefully & working through the Q?/problems I skipped. I think the routine helped my confidence by lowering gen test anxiety.

Rotavele Alabama
07/31/15 7:22 pm

If I'm taking a cautious approach, I find that I usually over think things and change my answers to the wrong one.

I'd like to see the demographics of the preferences though.

catpillow Florida West Coast
07/31/15 7:26 pm

That is exactly what I do. Best to come in prepared and then read questions thoroughly, but never over-think.

FarmerManE djent
08/03/15 7:50 pm

Same here rot