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golfer July 31st, 2015 7:00pm

When you see 'U.S. Open', what do you think of?

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presrvd Phoenix
08/04/15 8:26 pm

Boooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggggg. That's what I think of.

07/31/15 12:34 pm

I think of you time just after foreplay but right before sex

07/31/15 11:26 pm

Thanks for the catch

The time*

07/31/15 11:50 pm

Did you think I was being sarcastic? I genuinely meant that was a funny comment..

Maj Worth Economist
07/31/15 12:27 pm

I think tennis. Even though the US Open was held in Chambers Bay this year, I still think tennis.

golfer golfing
07/31/15 1:13 pm

Yeah I play golf all the time, work at a golf course, and live 15 minutes from Oakmont Country Club, and I still think of tennis lol. I just don't have any interest in professional golf.