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Mattlajoie83 July 31st, 2015 6:17pm

More Clinton emails have been released. Is her campaign over?

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chickencookie It really is
07/31/15 3:33 pm

Nothing will stop her. She's there till finish.

knetzere Illinois
07/31/15 3:22 pm

It's too early all of this stuff will be forgotten by the general public by this time next year

swervin Maryland
07/31/15 3:15 pm

She is going win. She could murder a puppy on stage and people would still vote for her. A democrat woman running, yeah, that is a sure thing. The only thing that could make it better would be if she was a minority.

shygal47 Florida east coast
07/31/15 2:26 pm

Of course her campaign isn't over ... the GOP has to have someone to roast over the coals so they need her! For myself, I keep waiting to see if there will be a viable 3rd party candidate since what we have to choose from now is pitiful.

07/31/15 2:16 pm

Certainly can't help her though. It'll take a steady drumbeat of revelations to beat distrust deep into the consciousness of many. Otherwise we'll be back to, "At this point what matter does it make!"

mc88 Cleveland OSU
07/31/15 1:54 pm

Can we read them?

ronderman North Carolina
07/31/15 1:44 pm

She has too much money for it to be over.

14573 Scary Numbers
07/31/15 1:26 pm

What were in the emails?

melmeltx funky town, texas
07/31/15 5:08 pm

nothing. that's the whole point. there's a monthly email dump after the FBI scours until 2016 and there's nothing. it's just noise... that's what needs to be over.

14573 Scary Numbers
07/31/15 5:14 pm

So they released that she didn't have anything/deleted it all first? Then that changes nothing. Misleading question is misleading.

melmeltx funky town, texas
07/31/15 5:22 pm

no, there were something like 22k pieces of paper. they're looking to see if anything could have been perceived as classified (bc they've confirmed there was nothing marked as classified already). There's been nothing. And you're naive if you

melmeltx funky town, texas
07/31/15 5:24 pm

think the FBI can't retrieve deleted email from a server.
The NYT also misreported & called back their story this week of a criminal inquiry. it's just a bunch of noise. I'm not pro or con Hilary, I'd just like to push on the issues, not this noise

14573 Scary Numbers
07/31/15 5:27 pm

Well either they produce a document she shouldn't have had/shouldn't have distributed or I have other issues to focus on.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
07/31/15 1:24 pm

We can only pray so!