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Do you tend to purchase more big brands or generic brands?

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ladyniner81 I hate people
08/03/15 9:47 am

Aldis and cheap store brands. If a name brand is there I like, I'll buy it

jmw7477 Indiana
08/01/15 10:28 am

When it comes to food, I buy generic. When it comes to beauty products and pet food, I buy name brands.

07/31/15 7:50 pm

Generic if possible.
Brand if generic proved to be below my standards

07/31/15 6:48 pm

I always try and buy big name brand items if my wallet allows it. When it comes to food i always buy name brand.

jvc1133 61535
07/31/15 6:41 pm

If I'm confident I'll buy generic.

briebb DC
07/31/15 5:04 pm

Don't ever buy generic oreo's.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/31/15 3:10 pm

Well, the food at the co-op cannot in any way be considered a "big" brand in the grand scheme of things, but they certainly aren't generics...

MrChris80 California
07/31/15 2:38 pm

Mostly bigger brands. But a lot of Kirkland Signature. :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/31/15 2:25 pm

Big brands, but for groceries and consumables at least, some of my favorite brands are store brands, if not generics. Costco's Kirkland brand is almost always the best available at any price, and Walmart's Great Value brand is usually just that.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
07/31/15 2:22 pm

But America has brands. Instructions unclear!

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
07/31/15 4:07 pm

Most major brands have shipped their jobs offshore. The small local shop keeps your dollars closer to home.

Big box strip centers are monuments to outsourcing.

Also brands aren't your best value.

07/31/15 1:57 pm

Save the $$$ , avoid the name brand

lcamino Florida and Georgia
07/31/15 1:36 pm

For a lot of things I buy the store product, but not always. I don't like to ingest, or to put on my skin, products made in China, due to their track record.

Wino I need a drink
07/31/15 1:14 pm


leilu SoCal
07/31/15 1:57 pm

Me too!

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
07/31/15 12:38 pm

I'll buy generic every time, as long as I know from experience that the product in question tastes the same or almost the same. However, name-brand is good for trying things for the first time.

getupbaby South City
07/31/15 12:33 pm

I've worked in a couple different factories and I can tell you that most generics are made in the same factories with the same materials or ingredients as the name brand. The extra you pay goes towards marketing and not much else.

07/31/15 12:20 pm

Jewelry big brands. Clothes both. Hookers small.

anthonymcfadden manassas va
07/31/15 12:28 pm

How you including hookers and said small

07/31/15 12:29 pm

Big brands or small the end result is the same. Money saved is money stored

anthonymcfadden manassas va
07/31/15 12:31 pm

That's true but It's not really saving money when you are using the money for that reason

07/31/15 12:35 pm

Do u think I'm an asshole?

anthonymcfadden manassas va
07/31/15 12:42 pm

And I'll call you that if I want to. All I said was that was funny

anthonymcfadden manassas va
07/31/15 12:52 pm

Ok you're and asshole it that what you wanted to hear

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 1:30 pm

I want to know more about these generic hookers. Are they equivalent to name brand hookers? Or are they just more cheap Chinese knock-offs?

07/31/15 1:33 pm

Generic as in there's a 16% chance you'll catch something. Brand name broads tend to be overconfident but they look oh so fine. That's about a 3% risk

gonzoboy Northern AZ
07/31/15 11:45 am

Other than my generic prescription medicines, which are the only ones my insurance covers, I can't think of another thing in my house, nor the last time I purchased ANYthing generic...

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
07/31/15 11:44 am

Depends... Whatever is the best value.

tackle Earth
07/31/15 11:31 am

Only buy name brand medicine and tp

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
07/31/15 11:26 am

Generic store brands are usually manufactured by the big brands. You're pretty much just a sucker if you buy name brands

bnnt Los Angeles
07/31/15 11:14 am

More generics, if the ingredients are the same. Only a few things I prefer brand.

shygal47 Florida east coast
07/31/15 11:12 am

Depends on what store I'm in if I buy the store brand or not. But have been using generic medications for years. I usually give the store brand a try before deciding whether to use it regularly or not.

phen nebraska
07/31/15 11:11 am

Name brand shoes and phones. Most if the rest can be generic

07/31/15 11:02 am

We are buying generic baby formula from sams and saving over 50%. It meets the same quality standards as the name brands.

Jade73 Kentucky
07/31/15 11:00 am

Depends on what the product is

cowboy Dawns Highway
07/31/15 11:00 am

Why would I pay more for the same thing?

s4mm1 MD SLP
07/31/15 11:02 am

Because chedder penguins just aren't the same

cowboy Dawns Highway
07/31/15 11:09 am

What are cheddar penguins?

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 11:16 am

>Insert Homer Simpson Fooling Noises<

cdawg Colorado
07/31/15 10:56 am

A lot of the time generic stuff is exactly the same, and sometimes it's better. But there's always the generic stuff that sucks

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 10:48 am

Obamanomics is not doing us too well.
The "Trickle Down Poverty" has us buying more generics.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 1:12 pm

The destruction of the middle class, multiplication of the poor & the overall increase wealth disparity under Obama...
Well, yeah...that's pretty bad.

iMatter2 I Used to Love H.E.R.
07/31/15 1:14 pm

How are the things you listed related to buying generic products?

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 1:22 pm

If you don't have enough $, you can't afford what you want; you can only buy what you can afford -- if anything at all. "Generic" isn't always equivalent. Most items don't have a "generic" so people just have to do with an inferior brand or without.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/31/15 1:24 pm

For you to ignore the destruction of purchasing power over the past 7 years -- or your ignorance of even basic economics, identifies you as an outstanding example of ignorance, or a world class troll. I'm really not sure at this point which one.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
07/31/15 10:44 am

About even, I have certain things that I only buy the name brand... But there are things it just depends on the whats cheapest or on sale