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ChristianREsq July 31st, 2015 2:31pm

Do you think the U.S. will ever offer universal healthcare?

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andrewmac Paris
08/03/15 5:19 pm

Just wondering where do you live in HB? I know it has nothing to do with the poll but I'm curious

ChristianREsq OC, CA
08/03/15 10:29 pm

Right by the police station on Main, you?

andrewmac Paris
08/04/15 8:16 am

Cool. I'm over in the seacliff area near Garfield and Edwards

ChristianREsq OC, CA
08/04/15 12:47 pm

Nice man that's a nice area! You surf?

andrewmac Paris
08/04/15 12:56 pm

No but I'm gonna try to learn

08/01/15 5:47 am

Unfortunately yes. The final nail in the coffin