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Scrappy11 Virginia
06/28/12 8:40 am

I worry about bad advice but then "alternative" medicine probably wouldn't be approved by the FDA. That would mean less options/information for the consumer.

06/27/12 6:46 pm

FDA regulates enough. though I will say that the information should be checked by the FDA so someone doesn't injure themselves

FrankZappa New York
06/27/12 5:49 am

@kytoaltoky, great idea. Though an "FDA Approved" would be easier the "Not" would have a bigger (positive) impact.

06/26/12 7:29 pm

I think it is good to understand the source of your information. If an app has to carry a 'not FDA approved' disclaimer, people might think twice before using it for something serious.

06/26/12 5:25 pm

misinformation is bad. I hate to say it but FDA should be involved to a degree

FrankZappa New York
06/26/12 3:29 pm

NY's Dept. of Transit has an amazing Flickr page,
Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and by that I mean the FDA would be cleaned as well. Centralized information is inevitable, and till it is, we'll always be lied to by someone.

06/26/12 6:17 am

I read "the jungle" and im not opposed to the FDA but they overstep thier intention and put too much beurocracy into our access to life saving medicine and procedures.

dahawwl Texas
06/26/12 4:29 am

The FDA is controlled by lobbyist for major pharmaceutical companies and should not be trusted on anything.

FrankZappa New York
06/25/12 8:08 pm

@Doopy, 'cause you can tooootally trust whatever a company tells you about their products.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
06/25/12 5:57 pm

The FDA has no business at all regulating and controlling the flow of information! How can anyone think that would be a good idea?

val0r Florida
06/25/12 2:19 pm

Regulate ... plant based diet with no corn derivatives ... let's see the FDA educate us on that ... or reign in certain large corps with vested interests on controlling food production.

val0r Florida
06/25/12 2:16 pm

The FDA is a joke ... who do they really protect ... seen the medical stats lately?

FrankZappa New York
06/25/12 12:52 pm

New York's Department of Information Technology has an app, ABCeats. It gives detailed info on the grades given to restaurants.
If the FDA had it's own app, misinformation might be curbed a bit. In fact, a lot of departments could improve their image and workflow.

06/25/12 9:08 am

The FDA is over stretched as it is. I would have no faith that they could regulate apps properly.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/25/12 7:09 am

The FDA already regulated plenty. If it doesnt come from you doctor, it shouldn't be considered expert medical advise anyway.

06/25/12 6:16 am

Yeah so the apps put bad medical advice

06/25/12 5:37 am

Jobs had pancreatic cancer. In about 95% of cases it's fatal in 5 years. No FDA rule or regulation changes those odds.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/25/12 5:29 am

Ask steve jobs if he did on his own free will. People believe what they want to believe. You can't make laws to prohibit freedom of choice That's more reckless than people supporting bad medicine.

gambit Massachusetts
06/25/12 3:49 am

Ask Steve Jobs if receiving and believing non science based medical advice can have deadly consequences...the FDA if anything, isn't doing enough to stop the spread of false information. People die every day, and cost this country billions do to BS medical treatments like homeopathy and anti-vacs..

06/25/12 3:22 am

Morons that voted yes are the same idiots that want government to take care of them & shield them from their own ignorance. The less government is involved in your life, the better off you are.

Nerdz Texas
06/24/12 11:11 pm

I don't think it is necessary

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/24/12 10:34 pm

No but there should be disclaimers. That it's opinion not fact.

peacenskis Alaska
06/24/12 9:32 pm

I'd sure like to see a few comment from the weirdos in the 23% that said yes. I can't imagine what logic would be behind voting yes on this one.

06/24/12 8:43 pm

Should the FDA regulate what can be printed in books?

MasterMatt Oregon
06/24/12 8:40 pm

More gov reg's are very rarely the answer!

homeagain NWA
06/24/12 7:55 pm

That being said, I don't think they should be in charge of health apps. Don't we have the CDC for info distribution?

homeagain NWA
06/24/12 7:53 pm

The FDA did help us keep from having a lot of thalidomide babies like they have in Europe. Lots of 50-somethings could have a birth defect if it weren't for their excessive paperwork.

06/24/12 7:29 pm

Also, that wouldn't necessarily be under FDA authority. Maybe HHS.

06/24/12 7:28 pm

Since you can't take, drink or eat an app, I guess not.

RRStephens Tennessee
06/24/12 7:28 pm

No. The FDA is just another example of an organization serving big business and not the American people. The stuff they let slide, for example feeding us genetically modified food. Not to mention the billion dollar cancer industry and their illegal ban of B-17. A cheap cure for cancer? Nooooooo=FDA.

06/24/12 7:12 pm

No bit it would be a good idea to provide that service. I app company could pay the FDA to check the apps facts and then that company could promote the app as backed by the FDA.

Rosebud Ohio
06/24/12 6:18 pm

Absolutely not! The FDA isn't some all-knowing entity. And what a great way to limit what knowledge people can have. If they want to endorse one, or recommend people shouldn't use another, that's fine. Otherwise, heck no. I have the right to take bad advice.

06/24/12 6:10 pm

What would that even do for us?

06/24/12 6:03 pm

Should the government wipe my butt and tell me when it's time for bed?

because South Dakota
06/24/12 5:52 pm

in fact there shouldn't, even be a FDA

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 5:17 pm

Wow. This should be 100% no. i hope one of the 23% never holds public office. Don't use the app morons....probably ones who bitch about radio/tv shows they never watch too. Self centered & self serving people with nothing better rondo than complain about everything that doesn't even affect them.

06/24/12 4:07 pm

Anyone who relies (only) on an app to make a medical decision deserves whatever happen to them. Plus, what is the definition of a health app?

06/24/12 4:05 pm

I'll go with what Praetorian said. Perhaps a warning label, but good gracious they don't need anything else to look at, they take long enough as it is (yes, yes, for good reason)

06/24/12 3:50 pm

No but maybe a sign that it isn't FDA approved - use at own risk.

06/24/12 3:19 pm

Wow, I'm going to have to go completely against my party on this one. I'm a Dem., but there is NO reason for gov. to regulate anything that couldn't directly result in danger. Some people ask dumb friends for medical advice; should we regulate those conversations, too?