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Do you regularly read a newspaper (actual paper - not just online)?

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graz6 Detroit
08/05/15 10:44 am

Only for the sports section and the Sunday cartoons.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
08/02/15 12:17 pm

My dad stopped getting the Wall Street Journal because he couldn't see the font anymore. I'll read it if I'm @ my sister's house. I miss getting one though

Caysie98 Austin, TX
07/31/15 10:16 pm

I read the comics section and occasionally an article I see that looks interesting

07/31/15 5:33 pm

Wall Street Journal is money!

LadyJazz Phoenix
07/31/15 9:03 am

Only because my husband still insists on getting the paper!

judah323 California
07/31/15 7:58 am

No, but I regularly read Newsweek, a news magazine

teachinla California
07/31/15 7:38 am

No; however, the online paper I receive is an actual photo of the real paper. The only difference is that I can touch an article, to have it isolated and expanded for easy reading. Even all the advertisement pages are there.

timeout Boston Strong
07/31/15 6:16 am

Yes I get one delivered every morning, two on Sundays.

07/30/15 9:12 pm

I read one small local paper; but mostly I read on my way to find the suduko.

susanr Colorado
07/30/15 8:20 pm

I get the local paper twice a week because it's cheaper to have 2 days home delivery with a digital subscription than to have all digital. I'm guessing that's because they're the ad-heavy days, & I do like the ads for the 2 groceries where I shop,

susanr Colorado
07/30/15 8:21 pm

and the coupons in the Sunday paper. I read some of the paper both days. I do feel bad about the mostly wasted newsprint & keep meaning to switch to all digital.

melmeltx funky town, texas
07/30/15 7:50 pm

I do find pleasure in reading the printed USA Today while drinking coffee when I'm staying in hotels.

DoctorWu at the great hill
07/30/15 5:13 pm

Couldn't live without my Sunday Globe.

catpillow Florida West Coast
07/30/15 5:13 pm

For me, newspapers only end up as clutter. I'm better off with my tablet.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
07/30/15 4:13 pm

I still look forward to checking the local paper everyday and clipping the coupons. We then reuse the newspaper for dogpaper.

Carolynn new jersey
07/30/15 3:24 pm

When I was a kid I loved the Sunday paper. I read it front to back every weekend. Now, I usually read the news online. I do read The Week magazine every Sunday. I have a subscription.

shygal47 Florida east coast
07/30/15 3:20 pm

I am a subscriber and usually scan it. I focus on the front page, the opinion page to read other's statements about pols or schools or beach driving, deed recordings, foreclosures, obits, coupons, the comics.

gonzoboy Arizona
07/30/15 2:03 pm

Until circa recently, I read the USA Today Monday-Friday, religiously. After it went to $2, I've found various other outlets, plus the USA Today app. No WONDER the$e rag$ are dying a $low death!

Diknak Ohio
07/30/15 1:53 pm

Haha why? It's old news before it hits your doorstep. I don't read newspapers for the same reason I don't own a horse and buggy. I move forward with technology.

TreeHugs Oregon
07/30/15 1:41 pm

My husband reads the whole thing every day. I generally only read select front page articles, the weather and some of the opinion page stuff regularly.

TreeHugs Oregon
07/30/15 1:44 pm

It's the only way to get local news in my small town!

gow488 Wisconsin
07/30/15 1:06 pm

I've read the newspaper only once in my life

AbandonedAccnt Not here.
07/30/15 1:02 pm

Not since circa 1983.

gonzoboy Arizona
07/30/15 1:59 pm

😂 ...circa

bnnt Los Angeles
07/30/15 1:00 pm

Maybe 12-15 years ago...

ArceusBlitz Left wing Libertarian
07/30/15 12:48 pm

My grandma still reads the Sunday paper, but I use online news

Handstand .
07/30/15 12:37 pm

They still print newspapers?

cato Santa Barbara, California
07/30/15 12:36 pm

Yes. I am old school. Now get off my lawn!!!!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/30/15 12:29 pm

The Tacoma News Tribune every Sunday because they pay me to buy it (in coupons), so I might as well read it. And the weekly Enumclaw Courier Herald on Wednesdays, because it is interesting to keep up with the doings and goings on in the big city.

fuhgahwz bourgeois nihilist
07/30/15 12:29 pm

My house gets the NY Times, WS Journal, the SJ Mercury, and the China Post. I'll pick one up and read it maybe 3 times a week. I'm generally unimpressed, but I suppose getting the institutional views are important too.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
07/30/15 12:04 pm

"Print is dead!"

- Egon Spengler, Ghostbuster

07/30/15 12:02 pm

No haven't regularly read a paper paper since 2007, but I do subscribe and pay to read online, which must be much better for them. I pay the same and they save printing and delivery costs.