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iMatter2 July 30th, 2015 6:51pm

When it rains or snows, do you describe the weather as being "bad"?

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iMatter2 I Used to Love H.E.R.
07/31/15 12:05 pm

I'd have to say that a majority of people I encounter (i.e. coworkers) consider precipitation to be a "bad day". They often use adjectives such as "terrible" and "gloomy"...perhaps they're just pessimists...?

dawl adulting
07/31/15 6:34 am

If it's bad enough to stay off the road I'd say bad for driving but not overall.

susanr Colorado
07/30/15 4:52 pm

No. That's not bad enough to be called "bad," & to some degree it's very pleasant. "Bad" is ice storms, icy roads in general, or thunderstorms if I need to be walking somewhere.

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
07/30/15 2:29 pm

No, I love the rain

iMatter2 I Used to Love H.E.R.
07/31/15 12:02 pm

I find thunderstorms to be soothing...

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/30/15 1:25 pm

It is what it is. Better if we know if it in advance, but not detrimental if we don't.