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Show Of Hands May 9th, 2012 12:00am

Which WMD attack would do more damage to America: a series of Electro-Magnetic Pulse attacks that destroyed virtually all electronic components near our major cities, or the release of a new airborne virus with a 10% fatality rate?

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05/19/12 6:34 pm

hospitals would go out
and people would flip over no memes or tumblr

05/18/12 11:20 pm

Conspiracy Keanu: What if a terrorist is asking this, because he couldn't make up his mind in which to use.

dotnetdev Georgia
05/18/12 7:14 pm

EMP is one time and equipment can be repaired. Virus is long lasting and would cause much more panic and fear.

BuckHunter Cheesehead Country
05/18/12 2:13 pm

electricity fuels fridges, some cars, ovens, microwaves, telephone...all necesaary for survivial

05/17/12 6:32 pm

the only harm the EMP would do is make all you city folk cry because you can't FB all day. We've dealt without technology before, I'm sure we can do it again. (:

05/16/12 2:17 am

EMP.. Without technology many more would die. How could those get their medicines, perform needed surgeries, the food supply, etc.

05/14/12 4:07 pm

Think about it, we could quarantine affected with the disease. The emp would destroy all of our defenses and ability to fight back. EMP for sure

Rockwell California
05/14/12 6:29 am

Humans survived without electronics. We will rebuild.
A virus pandemic would do far more damage.

05/13/12 9:04 pm

Do without ur stupid tv NYC Jk but still in a giant city 10% is slot of people

Sporter80 Oklahoma
05/13/12 8:20 pm

We'd lose the elderly along with the A/C and the youth along with cell phones. Only the middle-aged would survive!

05/12/12 5:39 pm

EMP would kill millions. So many Americans depend way too much on technology to survive.

cowboy Doors of Perception
05/12/12 1:03 pm

A good EMP attack would send the world into the dark ages. That's why so much attention is being paid to the solar flares coming off the Sun.

05/12/12 12:08 pm

EMP means we are sent back AT LEAST 100 years. No power means no oil pumps, ships, planes, refineries, factories, etc=We are out of medicine, fuel, transportation, communication, and FOOD=we're F***ed

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/12/12 11:07 am

stocking up with guns and killing everyone who comes near wont work either. we will need to work together to rebuild something together. it is only in community that we will survive long term

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
05/12/12 11:03 am

things break with unexpected loads. cellphones voice fail after earthquake, stock market or bank run, traffic when evacuating, milk before blizzard, hospital when many casualty...

05/12/12 10:24 am

SOH is preparing us for Armageddon perhaps?? O_O

05/12/12 10:17 am

the loss of communications, and power would make us VULNERABLE to the biological attack

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
05/12/12 9:26 am

I'm thinking the bigger impact would be from the loss of communications and the ensuing panic.

RandFan Headed to IPhone rehab
05/12/12 9:25 am

Given the fact that this poll is taken on electronic devices, i had just assumed we were all tech nerds here. I'm shocked SHOCKED I say, that the virus got any votes at all!

05/12/12 4:44 am

The fact of the matter is no one is really sure what or how much of electronics will have a catastrophic failure from emp. Emp effects weak points in the systems that is what causes the failures. Not every weak points can be detected and fixed in our systems. So it is anyones guess what will happen.

05/12/12 4:39 am

This test also compared powered on vs non powered on during the emp. Every car that was not powered on during the emp had no problems and started as normal.

05/12/12 4:08 am

37 cars ranging from 95-02 models were taken out to White sands base and tested with emp. Not all of them stopped running. Most of ones that did stall were able to be restarted. 3 of them just needed to babe the battery disconnected and reconnected to reboot the system. Only 1 had to be towed away.

05/12/12 3:56 am

@ phycoz last I checked the steering wheel is connected to the tires with gears and rods and brakes are hydronic. Even if your car died while driving (which only a small % would do) are you just going to sit there and let it role off the cliff or hit something? I wouldn't.

05/11/12 10:54 pm

Seriously, people are more scared of loosing electricity than a lethal virus...not using my iPhone or dying a painful death, hmmmm?

macjunkie TEXAS
05/11/12 10:06 pm

Darn autocorrect ignore the word of in previous post.

macjunkie TEXAS
05/11/12 10:05 pm

Plus the shock of from our invincible delusion and the ensuing chaos would spell our own demise it's not so much the tech going away is the way we would act. Just look at how ppl acted during hurricane Katrina now picture that but nationwide without any hope of governmental help....

macjunkie TEXAS
05/11/12 10:03 pm

Emps could easily destroy the entire nations power grid it wouldn't even have to destroy all semiconductor based tech (tube based tech unaffected ) to send us back to the dark ages. The money time planning and effort required to rebuilt our power grid would be too much.

macjunkie TEXAS
05/11/12 10:01 pm

Emp would affect more than major cities it would send massive surges through the power grid blowing up substations, transformers, and possibly even power plants. Btw if a substation blew up that would release a substantial emp of its own Utter annihilation of much tech and destruction of power grid.

macjunkie TEXAS
05/11/12 9:53 pm

10% isn't that big of a deal now 90% that would create mass riots and anarchy greater than the destruction of modern tech.

Nerdz Texas
05/11/12 8:13 pm

which would be more annoying and costly: EMP

05/11/12 7:08 pm

Good lord.... The EM wave would cause complete and utter anarchy.

05/11/12 12:46 pm

And if people are on the road and their cars instantly shut off, what would happen? Cars going off cliffs, crashing, catching fire. Planes falling out of the sky, landing on buildings. If it were in new York and a plane fell, it would 100% chaos. Thousands of people would die within a couple minutes

05/11/12 12:40 pm

And this wouldn't be a 2 week thing. It would take years and years to even begin re-building.

05/11/12 12:31 pm

Things that would go down: Hospitals, cars, food company's, refrigerators, banks, computers. Anything that has any type of computer in it really.

05/11/12 12:29 pm

A couple EMPs could make us a third word country, other than having nice buildings. (I know that a third world country doesn't mean poor, but people seem to think that)

anarchy4s South Carolina
05/11/12 8:27 am

There's a lot of people on here that don't seem to understand the full implications of an emp attack. You're talking about a complete breakdown of social cohesion within a week. Not a freakin power outage. you're talking no transportation, no refrigeration, no food, fresh water, communication etc...

anarchy4s South Carolina
05/11/12 8:24 am

...not that youre wrong, just speaking to your cynicism.

Ogias2012 Virginia
05/11/12 8:04 am

wouldn't either be a good thing? :)

Happy2 California
05/11/12 7:59 am

@onlinespec Humans are a renewable resource too. The virus would probably take out mainly the sick, the very old and the very young (like most diseases). The remaining population would technically be stronger. The Federal deficit might be fixed too :-)

mmjman Emerald Valley
05/11/12 7:57 am

Sanfran-Oakland metro has a population of over 4 million. That's more people than are in my entire state, so yeah I'd say that's pretty major.

Happy2 California
05/11/12 7:56 am

This question lacks definition. Which cities are "Major"? How many miles radius is considered "near"? Most people in my town (San Francisco) consider it to be "major", but we are only 800k in population, so I don't.

onlinespec Dallas, TX
05/11/12 6:58 am

10% of the population outweighs computers than can be replaced

mmjman Emerald Valley
05/11/12 6:49 am

Comparing it to power outages it is silly. A power outage is a simple fix. An emp sends a pulse of electricity through everything, short circuiting every electronic component
In range. It doesn't just stop your computer from turning on, it frys every chip and capacitor on the motherboard.

05/11/12 4:38 am

1457 : we lost power across the entire NE US for 15 hours a few years ago and it wasn't the apocalypse. Since its only power out NEAR major cities, there would still be civilization. They would send in busses to help us and stuff. It would be like a 20 min Drive to civilization. not that serious.

05/11/12 4:32 am

Why would you assume that when it's says NEAR MAJOR CITIES. NYC wouldn't be affected. People can't read man

05/10/12 10:14 pm

@wetheslave: ain't seen nuttn yet ;)
Once this is per capita, it'd take the USA, the European Union, British commonwealth and Japan to break even.
Those under 50 will probably see it.
The only solutions I see are:
1.) develop good relationships