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MeganEllis July 30th, 2015 5:09am

Who goes to a community school and who goes to a private school (I go to private but this is for a school project.... No judging I to went to community school for the first 5 years of my schooling)

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HistoryFan Nomad
08/05/15 12:52 pm

In US, I am a product of private Catholic schools and public (sort of) college.

08/05/15 7:00 am

Went to both. Private for 2 weeks in high school and I didn't care for it.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/30/15 3:53 pm

Private for 3 years, public for all the rest. Public school here is 10 times better than private schools.

ronderman North Carolina
07/30/15 7:36 am

I went to public. I have two kids at private and one in public.

SouthernLaw Old North State
07/30/15 7:10 am

Do you consider a charter school a private or community?

gow488 Korea
07/30/15 6:20 am

Always went to a public school

Sam95 Nebraska
07/30/15 6:13 am

I went to a public school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Ollie15 young conservative
07/30/15 5:19 am

I'm going to public school right now(high school) plan on going to a private university

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/30/15 5:04 am

I went to public school 5th-12th. Private for the rest, and for college and grad school.

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 4:24 am

In America how many years at school do you have?

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 4:59 am

1-2 years of preschool (optional)
1 year of kindergarten
1-12 grades

So... as many as 15 years. Then 2-4 of college for most people. Some go on for advanced degrees.

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 5:43 am

In England its:
Nursery and reception 2 years
Year 1/6 which is 6 years
Year 7/11 which is 5 years
And 2 years of college-optional
And then university-optional

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 6:10 am

How old are kids when the enter college?

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 6:13 am

But you can go at any age I've 15

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 6:20 am

Interesting! I didn't realize that college and university is separate there. Here, people go to college/university but they are basically the same thing. We go after graduating high school age 17 or 18.

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 6:25 am

Yh you must graduate college first to move up into the higher education of university college is free here you don't need any tuition money but we do for university... But uni is really important to us i.e want to be a doctor must graduate from uni

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 6:27 am

Ah, ok. Interesting!

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 6:31 am

This is weird for me like so are you saying you don't need to go through school college and university I have always been use to one way of life but everything seems so much more easy and fun in America gadd I've gotta hate England

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 6:57 am

Technically, kids can drop out of school completely but it would be hard to find a good job nowadays if they did so.

Kids go to high school (grades 1-12). After high school graduation, comes college/university (again, those are the same thing here).

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 6:59 am

College/university is optional in the U.S. but most kids go because that's where you study and learn the field that you pick as your career. If you want a career that doesn't require a college/university degree, then you don't have to go.

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 6:59 am

In England we have to be in school or parents get fined/appear in court/jail

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 7:01 am

So...everything prior to college/university here (around age 17 or 18) is considered a basic education. College/University is to prepare you for the career you've chosen and is usually ages 18-22.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 7:02 am

It's considered very bad here if a kid drops out of school (typically in high school only). Parents get in trouble up to a certain age though.

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
07/31/15 7:04 am

We consider school most important without that we wouldn't get into our wanted college

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 7:10 am, you can't get into a good college/university unless you did well in high school.

LochnessMonster Milky way
07/30/15 4:01 am

I went to private school and so does my oldest son. My youngest son will be going to private school also.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
07/30/15 3:50 am

Went to public school through high school.
Then attended a private college but didn't graduate. Transferred and graduated from a public university.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
07/30/15 3:55 am

If this is for a science project remember that the universe that makes up SOH is not representative of the population.
May or may not be a good or bad thing.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
07/30/15 3:56 am

Almost forgot.
I shared your poll with my followers.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
07/29/15 10:20 pm

I was homeschooled