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FitForAKing July 30th, 2015 1:50am

Is there a food or meal you can eat every day without growing tired of it?

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dale41 FIRST to 2022
08/01/15 7:16 am

Steak or pizza. Probably a few others as well.

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
07/29/15 8:57 pm

Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets.

susanr Colorado
07/29/15 7:34 pm

Bacon & eggs.

I ate cottage cheese with a variety of things mixed in it for over a year for lunch and never got tired of it.

Think Lovin Life
07/29/15 7:01 pm

Except my wife makes me eat what my son calls 'facon', which is turkey bacon.

FitForAKing Dark Skies Ahead
07/29/15 11:32 pm

Actually I like turkey bacon. Denny's has good turkey bacon.

FitForAKing Dark Skies Ahead
07/29/15 6:51 pm

Not too sure. I think no matter how good my favorite foods are, I'll eventually get tired of them after eating them every single day.