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texoman Proud Texan
08/04/15 9:47 am

I'm a Texan so I'm afraid I'm biased, I must answer tea.

phen nebraska
08/03/15 6:20 am

Neither..both taste horrid.. Give me some raspberry lemonade or ice water

08/01/15 1:53 pm

I like Coffee but it usually makes me edgy and jittery. i have green tea with pomegranate and honey in the mornings..

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
07/30/15 4:21 am

Coffee. I've tried really hard to enjoy hot tea over the years and have failed.

TerryQuinn Stardust
07/29/15 8:45 pm

Tea. I have never acquired a taste for coffee.

Tausif7 California
07/29/15 6:38 pm

I prefer coffee. Tea tastes too weird.

susanr Colorado
07/29/15 6:09 pm

Neither. They're equally good, and I drink some of each every day. But I start with coffee, so I voted for that.