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Certified July 29th, 2015 3:05pm

People consider me to be hippie-esque (due to my tastes in music, clothing, and religion), to an extent. Would you ever be able to stay away from family for an extended period of time (months) to go live in a community away from regular society?

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susanr Colorado
07/29/15 8:14 am

I did pretty much that for years, but why the stipulation of staying away from family? I was a hippie, I lived in a commune, we knew literally hundreds of other communes, but there was no general prohibition of seeing family.

Certified Trans Jew Nerd
07/29/15 9:05 am

Never said there was, just in my experience, my parents refused to see me until I "cleaned myself up"

susanr Colorado
07/29/15 9:49 am

Oh, I see what you mean... the avoidance of family was going the other way. Yeah, we saw some of that, with some people's families, but not really a whole lot.