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Praetorianus July 29th, 2015 4:58am

How high was your your highest BAC? Calculator supplied. One shot is 1.5 fl oz btw.

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presrvd Phoenix
07/30/15 10:57 pm

I got pretty worried once that there was a little blood in my alcohol system....but I can't remember why...

Liberatheist Mustafar
07/29/15 3:31 pm

The last time I partied I had a fish bowl and a shit ton of beer.

Rotavele Alabama
07/28/15 11:59 pm

Probably around 12,000%

knetzere Illinois
07/28/15 11:18 pm

I can't remember what all we had. We started my bachelor party at dinner around 6:30 and got home a lil after 3

Praetorianus Fair enough.
07/28/15 10:03 pm

Believe it or not but it was 3 liters (103 oz) of 12.2% wije within the hour. Plug in 190lbs weight and it's a bit over 0.5. The calculator basically says I was dead ;)

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
07/28/15 10:02 pm

Based on that Calc alone tonight in hit .02

Maj Worth Economist
07/28/15 10:02 pm

I have no clue, but I've never been smashingly drunk before.

Penn555 Maine
07/28/15 10:02 pm

I've never had more than maybe half an ounce of alcohol, so I'm guessing it'd be negligible at best. lol