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Maj July 29th, 2015 2:17am

Timeline Tuesday - Paleo Edition (3/3)! Which came first: Ferns, or turtles?

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truspec Texas
07/29/15 3:34 pm

Plants are much less complex than animals, so I went with ferns

Maj Worth Economist
07/28/15 7:29 pm

Ferns are some really old plants! They showed up around 360 million years ago, and at least one species hasn't changed in 180 million years. Turtles came significantly later around 157 million years ago (way before triceratops).

firefly5 the verse
07/28/15 10:03 pm

Ferns are about as old as it gets, I think. But turtles... If tortoises weren't around, then what was the earth sitting on? Wouldn't it fall?

Maj Worth Economist
07/28/15 10:06 pm

Don't worry. The first turtle had to come from somewhere. It's turtles all the way down.