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Pip July 28th, 2015 9:23pm

(Poll 2/3) If possible, would you support the idea of erasing memories from people as a form of therapy?

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07/28/15 5:08 pm

Personally, those memories of which are the most distressing (and there are a ton), I would never give up. They are a part of me and accepting them has been important.

Erasing them would create more doubt, questions and distress, than working...

07/28/15 5:09 pm

through them in therapy.

I wouldn't be opposed to it for others. However, if the technology existed, I could see it used in horrific manners.

No, I would not like that potential misuse to even exist.

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07/28/15 3:32 pm

People who have witnessed family members being murdered, brutal rapes, all kinds of bad memories that people can't move past.

07/28/15 2:36 pm

No. I've got some that are suppressed and I don't think it helps me at all. Then again, I can't possibly know.