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CTYankee!!! July 28th, 2015 5:05pm

A Minnesota dentist is reported to have paid $55K to kill a famous lion in Zimbabwe. The lion was beheaded & skinned. Should he be extradited to face trial in Zimbabwe.

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missmorganmarie ...
07/31/15 7:50 am

absolutely. throw him in a lion pit

swervin Maryland
07/28/15 2:00 pm

How is this any different than a person who kills a bobcat or a bear?

swervin Maryland
07/28/15 2:04 pm

I see that African Lions are threaten, that doesn't make them illegal to kill though, does it? I thought only when they reached endangered does it become illegal?

kelsey498 Colorado
07/28/15 3:34 pm

The lion lived in some type of sanctuary or park and was lured out of it using bait so the guy could kill it. It wasn't supposed to be out in the wild and that's what makes it illegal in this case.

swervin Maryland
07/28/15 5:37 pm

That makes the guy an asshole, but I don't see this any differently than a person killing any animal. We don't lynch people for killing deers and taking their pictures. He may not have known it was one that was protected.

07/28/15 12:40 pm

Spineless Douchebag!

genuflect University of Minnesota
07/28/15 11:10 am

So disgusting. Poor lion.

missmorganmarie ...
07/31/15 8:02 am

he suffered for 40 hours 😢

Dazey Beagles Rule
07/28/15 10:15 am

The guy couldn't even hunt honorably. He had to lure the lion away from a national park.

Emily33 North Carolina
07/28/15 10:13 am

Absolutely. What they did was disgusting.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
07/28/15 10:06 am

I have a soft spot for animals. Send this fucker to Zimbabwe to face justice.