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GrandmaALiCE July 28th, 2015 2:20pm

Jewish holidays series, Question 3 of 3: Passover commemorates the Jewish people's escape from Egypt. During the 8 days of Passover, the laws of keeping kosher become even more strict than during the rest of the year.

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ladyniner81 I hate people
07/31/15 11:00 am

I got this right. After working 5 years @ a Jewish nursing home, I better. I had to help clean the kitchen, put away dishes, equipment and get new. And they eat A LOT of matzoh. I forgot the name of the soup they have, and the tsimmes. And

ladyniner81 I hate people
07/31/15 11:01 am

We had to use two different dish machines. One for meat and one for dairy.

chinito Florida
07/30/15 7:08 am

Enough to get constipated for 8 days

07/30/15 7:47 pm

Prune tsimmes to the rescue!

07/28/15 8:29 pm

True (although my family always has See's candy at our Passover Seder even though it technically isn't Kosher for Passover, though one year the Rabbi jokingly made it such, and whether people keep Kosher for Passover does vary by person). I've

07/28/15 8:32 pm

Personally always loved Passover, though I'll be honest-Matzo Ball soup ✔️ (at least using my grandmother's recipe, though I suppose that statement is almost cliche). Matzo 😷🚨🚒🏥. And, I'm honestly becoming convinced if they gave every preteen a

07/28/15 8:33 pm

Small cup of Manischewitz wine, only 3% would ever want to drink again

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
07/28/15 7:46 pm

I said no because I don't think of "kosher" as having degrees of strictness. Very interesting!

chickencookie Biden crime syndicate
07/28/15 6:42 pm

That is why they eat matzah. No bread or wheat.

07/28/15 5:57 pm

At least, I hope you are learning! 😏

shygal47 Florida east coast
07/29/15 6:11 am

I am and for that I thank you! I find these sessions very interesting.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
07/28/15 9:28 am

I know you eat unleavened bread during Passover. It was during a Passover meal that Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper which is why we use unleavened bread for it.

07/28/15 5:58 pm

Yes, I think I've heard about that connection.

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/28/15 7:50 am

I voted false, thinking that kosher rules were the same throughout the year, but should have known that leaven would not be used during Passover, as a commemoration.

07/28/15 7:35 am

True. In addition to the normal rules, we do not anything with leavening. This is to commemorate the haste with which the Hebrews had to leave Egypt. The women did not have time to let the dough rise, to make bread.

07/28/15 7:38 am

We don't eat bread or anything else that contains yeast. That's the reason for matzah.

As with all other kashrut rules (see my previous series), this has been expanded to mean a lot more. Strictly kosher Jews have separate dishes, utensils, etc. ...

07/28/15 7:43 am

... for the 8 days. Also, there are a number of other ingredients that are not allowed, because they may "rise," such as corn, beans and rice.

Ru12bseen Ignoring the Ignorant
07/28/15 9:02 am

I said no because I didn't think that kosher laws became more strict, per se, but that along side kosher law, jews would also need to avoid leaven, Mark their doorpost, and handle the lamb a certain ceremonial way... Clearly I was wrong.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/28/15 10:11 am

Do you have one or two dishwashers? Have seen on TV were kosher kitchen has two dishwashers. Do you also use separate plates?

07/28/15 1:48 pm

A strictly kosher kitchen would have two sets of dishes, utensils, etc. They might also have two dishwashers. Alternatively, they may just be careful to put meat and milk things through separate cycles.

However, I do not keep strictly kosher. An ...

07/28/15 1:50 pm

... Orthodox Jew would not eat in my home.

I buy kosher meat. We don't eat shellfish, pork products, that sort of thing. I somewhat try not to mix meat and milk but am not very stringent. I don't have separate dishes.

The rules I have been ...

07/28/15 1:51 pm

... explaining have been what I am "supposed" to do, but not always what I actually do. Sometimes, but not always.

Laserbeam Back soon
07/28/15 7:34 am

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07/28/15 8:37 am

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't! 😏 People vary in their individual levels of observance.