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AnarchoComrade July 28th, 2015 4:13am

Is it worth it to argue with fascists? Their ideals are so anti-freedom, and they never seem to change their minds. It's like talking to a wall, a wall with a giant national flag on it.

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genuflect University of Minnesota
07/30/15 3:16 am

I think we should continue to try. We can't let them just float around in their insane echo-chamber, having their beliefs reinforced by their ignorant peers.

PresWK Minnesota
07/28/15 10:14 am

Not worth it, they are stubborn and whiney SJWs equivalent to modern feminists

07/28/15 4:05 am

It's like ............ Obama

Praetorianus Fair enough.
07/27/15 10:31 pm

I think it may not be worth it to argue with anyone holding an extremely narrow belief. Fascism is an example, creationism another.

chinito Florida
07/30/15 6:57 am

And communism is one too.