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Wert July 28th, 2015 2:07am

Should Huckabee just drop out now before he further exposes himself as the hate monger I've always said he is?

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sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
07/28/15 5:05 am you agree Iran wants to kill Jews?

07/29/15 8:23 pm

The issue with his statements isn't that the Iranian government has shown itself to have a position favoring the destruction of Israel, as well as of diaspora Jews, but that he is using the Holocaust as a political tool and its victims as pawns for

07/29/15 8:24 pm

His position (not to mention that given his own theological views on Israel, his "support" seems little more than support for divine rather than nuclear destruction of Israel, Jews, and Judaism, but even if he didn't have that position, it wouldn't

07/29/15 8:26 pm

Change his statements), as well as the fact that his statement is structured so as to paint Obama as Hitler and anyone that supports the deal as a Nazi. Regardless of ones opinion on this deal or Obama in general, such a claim is beyond offensive

07/29/15 8:27 pm

(And, frankly, idiotic). And, given the implication any supporters are Nazis, he's, intentionally or not, painting a decent number of Jews as Nazis, given there are Jews in favor of the deal, and in favor of the President in general.

phen nebraska
07/27/15 9:59 pm

Bag. More fun with someone to pick on

suppressedID destiny is right now
07/27/15 9:02 pm

Let the bloodletting continue.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 8:21 pm

Not until he's put all the way up to his thigh in his mouth...

rstatesmen2 equally unfair to ALL
07/27/15 7:52 pm

Remember we are a representative government. I'm sure there's somebody out there that Huckabee represents. Hopefully not more than one or two people.

rstatesmen2 equally unfair to ALL
07/27/15 7:57 pm

Both party's have there fools unfortunately the Republicans have more fools running at this time. Wait until the 6 Democrats get going, I sure they will say stupid things too.
Question, how come H. Clinton stupid remarks never hit national news. 😇😈

07/27/15 7:39 pm

One of my friends used to play guitar in Huckabee's house band. The Huckster should have stuck to his show.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
07/27/15 7:20 pm

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Wert A picture of my junk
07/27/15 7:24 pm

A fair point.

Dazey Beagles Rule
07/27/15 7:17 pm

I don't know that I'd call him a hate monger, but he should drop out. He has no chance at winning and has nothing to add to the race.