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SupremeDolphin July 27th, 2015 8:45pm

Norway has a higher average income and a much lower debt than the United States. Should we adopt, at least some of their economic policies?

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EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
07/27/15 6:49 pm

I know the 250 char limit, but it's also helpful to mention their wage disparity is nowhere close to the US'.

jlong105 Indiana
07/27/15 5:43 pm

The country of Norway has 5.1 million people.
That is less than New York City alone which is 8 million.
It is 148,718 square miles about the size of Montana.
I don't believe too many policies will transfer over.

jlong105 Indiana
07/27/15 5:45 pm

And they are exploiting North Sea Oil to maintain their economy.

07/27/15 4:36 pm

What % of their citizens don't work but receive free housing, free food and free healthcare?

ezh2o Texas Hill Country
07/27/15 2:15 pm

We need to change our politicians . . .