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Celadonne July 27th, 2015 6:06pm

Settle a bet for me! A man either shows a woman off to the world, or hides her from it. If it's the latter, he's not into her, and she shouldn't believe a word he says.

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sea California
07/27/15 5:40 pm

Hiding her? Seems kinda creepy.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
07/27/15 1:43 pm

It depends on how secure the man feels. He might be really into her but feels insecure or unworthy to have her.

07/27/15 1:29 pm

The guy that is hiding her could be dealing with some kind of inferiority problem, on the other hand the guy that is showing off could be building his ego with the "look what I got" stupidity.

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susanr Colorado
07/27/15 12:18 pm

I disagree that those are the only two modes (they seem like just the extremes to me), but the "hiding her" mode sends up a major red flag to me.

phen nebraska
07/27/15 11:57 am

Depending on the guy, he may be protecting himself from something. A relationship is real when its out in the open. That means 'advice' and questions from all around. Sometimes you want to enjoy her and not have to answer or explain anything