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Redacted July 27th, 2015 10:49am

Mystery bruise monday! I've figured most of them out pretty quickly but I have no idea how I got the most recent one. Do you usually remember how your bruises and other injures happened?

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
07/31/15 8:52 am

Most of the time. I'm such a klutz, rubbing running into things, brushing into doors. It's easy to figure out where I got them

kennabenena life is a blonde moment
07/27/15 9:16 am

Most of them are from volleyball...

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
07/27/15 5:33 am

I take a baby Asprin daily and bruise very easily... So they just appear
But.... if you get bruises often and don't know how... get checked by a doctor it's a symptom of diabetes (I think) and other medical issues

cpaswr just say the letters
07/27/15 4:03 am

This happens to my wife regularly.

07/27/15 3:59 am

No, they just appear.