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smithy0013 July 27th, 2015 2:01am

Parents want a priest to perform an exorcism on their son. All parties (parents, priest, and son) consent. During the exorcism, the boy dies. The parents don't want to press charges believing the demon killed the boy. Should the police get involved?

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07/27/15 3:23 am

Yes, they should investigate. It wasn't suicide and you can't rule out homicide so it's their job to find out what happened.

kermie gaytopia
07/26/15 9:50 pm

My religion says when my child is naughty my religious leaders gets to smash his skull with a frying pan. When my son dies should the police get involved?

Come on let's be sensible. Why do we lose our brains when it comes to Christianity?

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
07/27/15 5:09 am

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gow488 Korea
07/26/15 8:30 pm

If a kid dies the authorities should definitely be involved and investigate what happened.

moriahdanielle Des Moines, IA
07/26/15 7:56 pm

How old is the son? Did he understand the risk?

07/27/15 1:36 am

Let's say just old enough to understand. So like the 10 to 12 range.

moriahdanielle Des Moines, IA
07/27/15 5:01 am

I'm not sure whether a crime was committed, but I believe there should be an investigation any time a child is killed under the care of his or her parents.

Think Lovin Life
07/26/15 7:05 pm

Just because there needs to be an investigation doesn't mean that there was crime.