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Jade73 July 26th, 2015 9:06pm

Do you use walmart's savings catcher mobile app to save money?

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Emily33 North Carolina
08/01/15 5:15 pm

Twice now, but I haven't gotten anything back.

Jade73 Kentucky
08/01/15 6:20 pm

You will if you keep scanning your receipts.

LostTexan42 Deal With It
07/29/15 7:22 pm

I avoid Walmart like the plague.

Sam95 Nebraska
07/26/15 9:45 pm

I didn't know about this app. I'll give it a try though!

Jade73 Kentucky
07/26/15 9:00 pm

That's great. I've got $30 I think. I'll let it build till the end of the year.

susanr Colorado
07/26/15 2:24 pm

No, but I don't shop at Walmart.

Jade73 Kentucky
07/26/15 9:08 pm

It's a good program they have. I'm actually surprised they want to give back money.

susanr Colorado
07/26/15 9:11 pm

If I shopped there, I'd look into it. It's just really inconvenient for me.