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thatguy2 July 26th, 2015 7:04pm

Following a #blacklivesmatter protest at the NetRoots Nation gathering last week, Democracy for America has altered their candidate endorsement process to include a focus on how candidates will confront racism if elected. Protests work!

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kermie gaytopia
07/26/15 1:04 pm

Nice. I tend to say that protests don't work, but I do admit that they can change things if very targeted. Sad that this criteria wasn't already part of DFA's endorsement process though.

Think Lovin Life
07/26/15 12:45 pm

The irony is that black lives don't matter to the left.

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/27/15 11:39 am

That's not true. It's more so that ALL lives matter. Not just black or just white. All lives.

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/27/15 11:40 am

Maybe you should do a little more of what your username is

Think Lovin Life
07/27/15 11:49 am

Ayebb ... I do my research!

Riddle me this, oh extra large brain, who is it that the left doesn't focus on the thousands of lives lost to their failed social experiments? Why do leftists continue to ignore the black genicide of Eugenics?

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/27/15 11:54 am

It's bullshit that's why. They are offered more oppertunities than any other race. They choose not to take it. Crying racism is ridiculous. I dont see anyone else doing it.

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/27/15 11:55 am

Do asians get pissed when people of their color or decent are not being recognized as much as others? I dont know. They dont cry racism lol

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/27/15 11:56 am

No one is after the blacks. No one is trying to be racist. They just want attention and more free shit

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
07/27/15 12:32 pm

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Think Lovin Life
07/28/15 6:47 am

Ayebby ... you totally missed the point. If black lives mattered to Democrats we wouldn't have thousands dying in Chicago, Detroit or Washington DC.

All the cowardly race baiter a can do is feebly point to Ferguson, until MrO was shamed there!

Sammmmm Was Weddellii
07/29/15 9:57 am

The thousands dying are from killing eachother. It isnt anything else. They kill eachother constantly.