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Show Of Hands July 22nd, 2011 12:00am

Has the war on drugs been mostly effective (by preventing more widespread drug use) or harmful (by creating a violent black market)?

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Bran Maryland
08/04/11 2:05 am

Have you seen those Montana meth commercials?

08/03/11 1:24 am

Drug users (pot, cocaine, meth, heroin) are to blame for the violent black market. Supply & Demand.

Overmind Texas
07/28/11 7:03 am

How about we just legalize it? We could sell it in pharmacies and tax the living hell out of it. It would be just like alcohol. Don't abuse it or use it in public.

fgvggfb New York
07/26/11 7:06 pm

People would get high off it and go crazy and kill ppl

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
07/26/11 8:09 am

End the wasteful war on drugs! Ron Paul 2012!

Stephiee Mississippi
07/26/11 12:48 am

@vegas- why wouldn't they give them out?

vegas Nevada
07/25/11 6:17 pm

@mrsstory it was a tax stamp you needed and you had to get it from the government and they didn't give them out.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/25/11 4:27 pm

I heard that back before weed was outlawed, the law was that you had to have a license. BUT, to get that license, you had to go to D.C., WITH your pot. And if you went to D.C., WITH your pot, to GET a license, you were ARRESTED for having pot WITHOUT a license.

07/25/11 12:23 am

I have written to my state legislators, but I live behind the Zion falls on ears deafened by religious ideology

07/24/11 11:28 pm

@ felixdacat You should write a book about it, or better, write to your congressperson. You're very well spoken.

07/24/11 11:12 pm

my apology....I completely overlooked the civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan....but you get the idea I'm trying to convey...

07/24/11 9:56 pm

as with the Viet Nam war, the wod is a war of attrition.....there is, and can never be a victor. In terms of human suffering and death, the wod in Mexico handily eclipses the both Iran and Afghanistan...hands down.

07/24/11 9:53 pm

If you're old enough you may recall how reeled in horror at 50K U.S. troops being killed over the course of ten years or so in Viet Nam. Nearly that number have been slaughtered in three years in Mexico.

07/24/11 9:50 pm

Let's just do the math, shall we? many lives has violence and imprisonment inflicted by wod 'warriors' taken? ...and how many lives have drug use taken?

07/24/11 9:47 pm

drugs and alcohol will always lead some to insane acts of aggression. So will jealousy, anger, hatred etc. If the wod is seen for what is..a war, it was lost the day it was declared. We sit here 40 years after that declaration further from 'victory' than when it started. was

07/24/11 9:41 pm

and drug prohibition in this country created the cartels in Mexico. Human vice cannot be all of written human history.

07/24/11 9:39 pm

Murphy...until we started leaning on the Mexican govt to stop the flow of drugs across the border we didn't have the level of violence there that we have now. If just MJ was legal it would cut the cartel's bank accounts by an estimated 60%. Alcohol prohibition created Al Capone et. al.

07/24/11 7:29 pm

@felixdacat- I love how we're the cause of death. What about the completely unstable gov't, or the corrupt politicians, or the fact that it's all legal? Everyone is running around on a three day high hallucinating, thinking there's some devil chasing them so they start firing, thereby killing people

07/24/11 5:52 pm

Rule of thumb: the primary and most important function of ANY organization is preservation and growth of the organization.....your local PD, the DEA, the ONDCP, for-profit prisons, for-profit rehabs etc. <--- 1000's upon 1000's of jobs and paychecks are at stake for these lethal parasites.

07/24/11 10:13 am

And bear in mind that in Mexico it is LEGAL for an individual to possess and use ANY illicit drug....marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, LSD...pick one.

07/24/11 10:12 am

40,000 Mexicans dead in just the last three years in Mexico as a DIRECT result of U.S. drug policy. We have the blood of thousands of innocents on our hands.

07/24/11 10:09 am

Do a simple cost/benefit analysis (factoring in dollars and effects on society) and read a U.S. history book and you will readily see that U.S. drug policy is irrational and indefensible.

07/24/11 9:55 am

the wod is nothing more than an industry...from those who wage it and therefore make their livelihood from it to the for-profit prisons and for-profit rehab facilities

07/24/11 1:42 am

When a 65 year old woman can receive a felony and 45 days in jail for smoking weed to gain an appetite because she has cancer. Who is she harming.

07/23/11 10:36 pm

...and the markup on the weed would go to the US government instead of the dealer. Pot's not even addictive. And by the way I've never personally smoked so this is an unbiased opinion.

07/23/11 10:33 pm

First of all weed is way less harmful than tobacco or alcohol, and second of all when booze was outlawed it didn't work at all, and everyone got violent. It's the same with pot. The horrible violence, especially in Mexico, would reduce...

07/23/11 9:38 pm

If it were legal though, I'd be smoking again. At least until I'm good and ready to conceive my first child. Then I'll stop again for 18-30 years (depending on how many children I have). Then maybe I'll start again...
Don't know yet. That part of life is still too far away.

07/23/11 9:34 pm

@Storey662: I wholeheartedly agree. Pot should be legal, there SHOULD be restrictions to keep anyone under 21 from smoking it, and it would really help out in these economically troubled times. I smoked for many years, but only quit for fear of losing my job in this day & age.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 4:05 pm

or drink it - you just pop it in your mouth, and there you go, you're high. I think if the " War on Drugs" should be battling anything, it should be prescription drug abuse. That's what's killing America.

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 4:04 pm

but, mostly I've been offered PRESCRIPTION drugs. Percocet, lortab, xanex, promethazine, etc. And, in my opinion, those are "harder" drugs than pot. It's so much easier to become addicted to pills, to me, because I don't have to worry about smelling like pot or alcohol, I don't have to smoke it

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 4:01 pm

SN:@mystweaver- I really wasn't dealing in bad neighborhoods. I live in an extremely small town in the middle of the bible belt - there are no bad neighborhoods! Haha. I have been offered meth quite a few times, but I guess that's why they call it hillbilly heroine, it's more abundant in the south,

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 3:53 pm

I have a problem with. And, like I said before, I think it being legal would make it a lot less appealing to teenagers and kids who are just trying to rebel against society. :) PLUS, imagine how much it would help our economy!?

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 3:51 pm

But, I think that if it was legal, it would take the "taboo" effect away, and less people would smoke. I don't see anything wrong with an adult sitting down and smoking a joint to unwind from a hard day at work. It's children smoking pot, and it causing them to be careless, lazy and unmotivated that

Stephiee Mississippi
07/23/11 3:49 pm

Personally, I think pot should be legal, for lots and lots of reasons. When I first smoked it, I remember feeling excited and "cool" because it was illegal. As I've gotten older, it's not that great, and I stopped so that I could get a good job and be a good role model for my younger siblings.

07/23/11 1:02 pm

Well I believe bill hicks said it best, "how can u make a law against nature" and that "natural drugs such as pot and mushrooms were put on this earth to speed up human evolution"! (mentally)

07/23/11 1:04 am

@drjones. Are you really a doctor? You sound like one of the few here with an educated opinion (on this subject).

07/23/11 1:02 am

Very interesting that only the Mormons are certain they see the light. I bet Marie told them all how to vote on this one. (:

07/22/11 10:31 pm

@drjones: If that's true, it should be funded by private contributions, not my paycheck.

07/22/11 7:15 pm

group of citizens to arbitrarily impose their opinion as law for all, regardless of economic benefit. "First, do no harm", if you will.
(not arguing with your valid points, just adding to the discourse!)

07/22/11 7:11 pm

@drjones: As true as that is... and what a sad thing that says about us as human beings... None of that justifies the sacrifice of ruining even one life just because of an opinion. Humans, citizens, are not acceptably losses. We all have the same rights, inherently. It's not the right of one ...

07/22/11 7:00 pm

legalize all drugs with minimal regulations. have age restrictions like 21 and over and make so you can't drive. but do not over regulate so only the big pharmaceutical companies can produce them.

07/22/11 6:26 pm

The war in drugs, as feeble and disappointing t is, is big business. The US government takes in nearly 2billion a year from seizures. As well as, selling the drugs confiscated out the back door back to the dealers. It also creates jobs, from cops to paramedics to rehab personnel, to lawyers.

NYevo NY
07/22/11 5:49 pm

yeah. Some people just take away from the purpose o this app. Very sad

vegas Nevada
07/22/11 5:12 pm

@myst I couldn't agree any more with you! There are a few on these boards that are totally incapable of even the most basic debate. If you disagree with them you are stupid,an idiot or deserve to die and there is no reason for it. It just shows what a small minded persons they are. Just pathetic!

07/22/11 4:41 pm

cont... You are nothing but a troublemaker on these boards, and apparently have nothing but bullying and sarcasm to back up your rhetoric. You will be happy if people you don't agree with die?! You, sir, are a fool and will argue with you no further on this topic. Megaditto=troll.

07/22/11 4:37 pm

Mega, don't go jumping to specious conclusions. I work in the medical/psych fields... Where I deal with drug users, sellers and the like. I teach people how to evaluate and dispute the "information" people like you have fed them, and help them put their lives back together.

07/22/11 4:23 pm

Legalize it! Tax it!

07/22/11 3:52 pm

@mystweaver: So you know lots of drug dealers. Absolutely no surprise there.