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LeftLibertarian July 26th, 2015 12:07am

Do you think your political views will change significantly as you age?

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genuflect University of Minnesota
07/27/15 12:15 am

I certainly hope so. I'm an ignorant 19 year old going into my second year of university.

croopertrooper Greater Cincinnati Area
07/26/15 3:32 pm

I'm only 22, so I've got a lot of time to learn, think, and change.

07/26/15 7:31 am

Not at this point. But they have.

susanr Colorado
07/25/15 10:39 pm

I doubt my thinking is going to change much at this point. Actually it hasn't changed much at all since I was in my 20s except that I got a bit more realistic. I'm 68 now.

moriahdanielle Des Moines, IA
07/25/15 5:09 pm

Mine have, but I think it had less to do with me aging and more to do with me figuring out what I actually think and believe as opposed to choosing the opposite view of my parents.
Well, I guess that has to do with me not being a teenager anymore.