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Pirate July 25th, 2015 1:54pm

By federal law it is illegal to discriminate based on Race, Color, Religion, Sex, and National Origin. The Equality Act would expand that to include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity plus some updates. Are you for or against the Equality Act?

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jopeek RVA
07/27/15 7:03 am

People who are against full equality are disgusting.

Ailuro49 Just MY own opinion
07/25/15 4:06 pm

Are we going to regulate until Natural Born Blondes need a law to protect them..... LOL

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/26/15 1:05 am

You are against the civil rights act?

boatsnhose New Jersey
07/25/15 3:31 pm

Let's pass this

commonsense America isnt racist
07/25/15 12:19 pm

Sounds like we already have the laws, let's just enforce them.

commonsense America isnt racist
07/25/15 2:13 pm

But we have no des rumination for sex. Same thing

commonsense America isnt racist
07/25/15 3:19 pm

Ha ha. Me too. I tried to type discrimination and got blahblahblah.

07/25/15 8:45 am

Mostly for. However I feel a lot of it is being politically correct and not calling things are what they are

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 8:55 am

I'd have to think too hard right now on which part is the PC part but I will. My mind is at rest.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
07/25/15 7:43 am

The EEOC has already done this by stating these are protected as part of gender.

07/25/15 7:02 am

good bill! 👏

swervin Maryland
07/25/15 6:57 am

I'm against anyone getting special treatment for something they were born with.

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 7:12 am

I'm so glad you said that. This video was made just for you.

swervin Maryland
07/25/15 8:15 am

I can't view that video right now. Can you give me a brief overview?

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 8:38 am

This guy is good. He's been doing these segments and info videos all during the gay marriage debate. He just debunks the reasons people choose to not pass this Equality Act.

swervin Maryland
07/25/15 9:04 am

That doesn't explain what the video is about. Give me a brief overview. The reason I will always be against any sort of equality plan is because it's never about equality. It's always about special treatment.

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 9:08 am

That would take work. 😒 Sometimes when you can watch it would be how to get all the info without me typing it out.

swervin Maryland
07/25/15 9:18 am

By the time I am able to watch it, this poll will be closed.

susanr Colorado
07/25/15 10:22 am

You can always "favorite" the poll so you can get back to it, or just make a note to yourself.

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 1:03 pm

Even if the poll is closed you can come back and watch it or leave a comment. I don't mind people commenting on my closed polls. Just remember my name with he poll. I'm surely unforgettable! 😉