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Whichendisup July 25th, 2015 1:28pm

Civil courteous address, respectful discourse, polite debate have all become a sign of fraud or weakness. Truth's strength can only be found when no effort is made to avoid acrimony, only in this way can reality be revealed - the truth must hurt.

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joejoeiv Utah
07/27/15 7:08 am

Agree the truth needs to be blunt.

greeengoddess Minnesota
07/26/15 6:55 pm

I mostly disagree, but the truth often hurts, and people often don't want to hear it. People would rather be comfortable.

07/27/15 2:14 am

Lies to give a sence of false comfort doesn't work. Great example is the Chernobyl desaster. The government tried to lie about it's sevarity which only made the problem worse. They did manage to avoid panic, but at the cost of thousands of lives.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/25/15 8:21 am

I'd say almost exactly the opposite. Discourteous address, disrespectful discourse, impolite debate have always been a sign of fraud or weakness. Truth's strength can only be found when an effort is made to avoid acrimony.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
07/25/15 7:41 am

Completely wrong. It's similar to night makes right.

07/25/15 6:47 am

I believe you can tell the truth without being rude in most cases. There is a big difference between civility and respect while discussing things - and lying.

LochnessMonster Milky way
07/25/15 6:43 am

Most people these days can't handle the truth. That's why that phrase was termed. The truth hurts.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
07/25/15 6:30 am

This apparent trend saddens me a great deal, and I've never been known for being overly concerned with being too nice at the expense of speaking what I believe to be accurate.