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pacbro July 25th, 2015 6:15am

Oh I didn't even realize but I have over 100 followers! So just would like to thank everyone, and as I've seen others do, if anyone has anything they want to ask me, feel free. AMA :p

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theW0lf Leader of the Pack
07/25/15 7:54 am

Congrats! If you could shape-shift into any creature, what would it be?

pacbro Washington
07/26/15 5:37 pm

Shapes hitting is hard, there are so many answers... probably an owl! Because I could be an enigma and a shadow in the night, and that appeals to me for some reason. Plus flying.

pacbro Washington
07/28/15 5:15 pm

Well if we're talking mythical creatures, of course a dragon. But it'd be one of the smarter, smaller, quicker dragons rather than a behemoth.

Pirate Uses the Tap
07/25/15 6:57 am

How old are you?

pacbro Washington
07/26/15 5:38 pm

Turning 22 this coming December.

GlockMan1 Alabama
07/25/15 4:46 am

Today is your last day on earth. Tonight, a drunk driver is going to end your short life in a horrific traffic accident. Do you know where your soul would spend eternity?

pacbro Washington
07/26/15 5:41 pm

No clue, because no matter my own view of my own morality, and how I've lived my life, it's obviously flawed and imperfect. I can tell you what I'd hope or expect, but that would only be my own speculation, in contrast to actually knowing.

GlockMan1 Alabama
07/26/15 6:16 pm

Very sad....especially since one CAN KNOW.

07/25/15 4:08 am


pacbro Washington
07/26/15 6:33 pm

Thank you :)

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
07/25/15 3:52 am

What was your greatest adventure?

pacbro Washington
07/26/15 5:48 pm

Hmm. I've had a lot of adventures in my life.
I'd have to say it's split three ways. The time when I road tripped to New Mexico from Washington and back with my dad, after my grandpa's death. We talked a lot and that had a big impact on me.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
07/26/15 6:14 pm

That's great.
I have similar memories of traveling with my dad to El Paso in about 1960. I remember the motel, a couple of restaurants, the music on the radio & some other stops we made.

pacbro Washington
07/26/15 6:32 pm

Yep. Spending the night in the car in the mountains off a gas station in below freezing weather was pretty interesting memory, but yeah motel and meeting my great uncle, and grandpas family with my dad.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
07/26/15 6:38 pm

I remember pulling over beside the road to sleep.
I also remember sleeping on the floorboard or in the back window watching the stars go by.