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bluecoffee July 25th, 2015 5:54am

Structured meals at home have a positive impact on family life.

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Rainstorm Tennessee
07/25/15 8:47 pm

I don't know about other families, but my immediate relatives tend to tear each other apart if we spend more than five minutes together.

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
07/25/15 6:04 pm

It has been a very positive experience for my family.
Spending 45 min or so enjoying a meal while talking to each other is very enjoyable.
I also enjoy preparing the meal with my wife.
It gives us a chance to care free conversation.

pd10ro94 Washington
07/25/15 4:04 pm

We almost always eat dinner together but the time we eat ranges from 5-9 so I don't know if that could be considered structured. Regardless, I'd say that it's a nice time of the day

dessy Indiana cornfield
07/25/15 1:12 pm

I guess. But whenever my family eat together everyone get bored.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
07/25/15 11:41 am

Growing up, we often ate together and it was hell. With my own family, we ate dinner together daily. No electronics allowed, it was a very positive and nurturing routine.

Wert A picture of my junk
07/25/15 7:11 am

Can have... Not guaranteed. Likewise, not having structured meals doesn't mean your son will be a crack head and your daughter will be a whore.

07/25/15 5:23 am

I agree, but I think any time you can make to have conversation is positive. At times growing up, meals together occurred irregularly (extracurricular, differing work schedules, etc.) but we always found time to discuss our lives and current events.

07/25/15 4:41 am

My mom cooks up one helluva dinner every night no matter what's in the fridge. As a child, I always figured we ate like kings compared to most people around here.

07/25/15 4:13 am

I think they are great. They aren't popular here though. Eating together is a great time to relax and enjoy each other's company.

Axl752 NY
07/24/15 11:48 pm

strongly, STRONGLY disagree

bluecoffee Teaching Truth
07/25/15 12:01 am

Wow! So would you say that eating a meal together around a table on a regular basis would pretty much ruin a family?

Axl752 NY
07/25/15 12:03 am

It could be very detrimental.

bluecoffee Teaching Truth
07/25/15 12:13 am

Out of curiosity, how so? Paint a scenario for us.

Axl752 NY
07/25/15 6:42 am

I just don't see how a family sitting down together and sharing a meal and communicating with each other can be a good thing.

Axl752 NY
07/25/15 8:10 am

I'm not buying that. Kids should be sat on the couch in front of the TV when they eat.

plainwhitetee Columbus, OH
07/25/15 10:38 am

Guys. Calm down. Axl is a troll. And not a very good one at that.

07/25/15 12:23 pm

I think axl is being sarcastic.

DGroot America
07/25/15 12:45 pm

Ha, thought you were being serious there for a minute..

Axl752 NY
07/25/15 1:09 pm

I'm not a troll, I just like to go against the grain on "obvious answer" polls.