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PrinceOberyn July 25th, 2015 3:51am

The FDA has decided to change the nutrition labels to show the % daily value of sugar in foods and drink. Good decision?

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07/25/15 4:21 am

Does that include high fructose corn syrup? That would be a great addition.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
07/25/15 5:16 am

Yes, counts as sugar.

Maj Worth Economist
07/24/15 10:23 pm

Meh. Unless they don't show grams anymore. Diabetics operate on a slightly different level.

smacc DunningKruger
07/24/15 10:05 pm

Wait does that mean % instead of grams? I don't like that.

susanr Colorado
07/24/15 9:21 pm

It's OK, except that people sometimes don't understand the standard diet thing to begin with, and I don't know how you'd figure a "standard" amount for sugar, anyway.

But I don't care, as long as they continue to list the GRAMS of sugar. That's

susanr Colorado
07/24/15 9:23 pm

really the only pertinent figure for me (although given total carbohydrates & grams of fiber, I don't actually need it).

But it might be good for people to know that certain foods, like their breakfast cereal, has a VERY high proportion of DV.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
07/24/15 9:01 pm

Any information is better than none, PROVIDED it is possible to determine a correct DV for sugar. It's been determined for protein, but sugar is a carbohydrate which means just energy. How do you determine a DV?

firefly5 the verse
07/24/15 9:01 pm

Show both. Diets vary.

PrinceOberyn Reduce Reuse Reanimate
07/24/15 8:54 pm

Seems like a great idea, hopefully it comes quick.