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Mattlajoie83 July 25th, 2015 1:39am

If you could go back to 2008 would you have voted for Obama?

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CudOfCow Oregon
07/25/15 12:03 am

Didn't, wouldn't but that doesn't mean I disapprove of his track record. He is doing a fine job.

Think Lovin Life
07/25/15 7:53 am

Yep, a fine job of running the country into the ground.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/25/15 8:46 am

A fine job of bankrupting America?

Of making *more* people uninsured & inflating medical costs for everyone?
Of having more people on food stamps than have full time jobs?

Your standards are grossly twisted.

CudOfCow Oregon
07/25/15 11:01 pm

That may be true but we have seen much worse. CoughBUSHCough.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/25/15 11:04 pm

Not me. The more Obama's around, the better Dubya Bush looks.

And right now, GWB is looking pretty good. I find it hilarious that GWB now polls as a better President than Obama -- & Obama's not even done yet! I anticipate even Nixon polling better.

andrewmac Paris
07/24/15 8:48 pm

Didn't. Wouldn't

Wooperth Blue Dog Democrat
07/24/15 7:10 pm

I'm not a big fan, but I like him more than McCain and it's good he got Osama without any American losses.

ACA is good, but I don't like his affirmative action or NSA policies.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/24/15 6:47 pm

Obama has set back the economy, race relations, international security, education, the military & national debt about 30 years.
It will take forever to fix his mess.

Wooperth Blue Dog Democrat
07/24/15 7:11 pm

Actually, the economy, national security, and education have improved since he took office.

I don't like him, but you shouldn't blindly hate him for everything just because your party tells you to.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/24/15 7:24 pm Not only am I talking about Obama in the *real* world...
You've just triggered me with your racist white privileged microagression you cisgendered scum. You don't even know what party I am you self-righteous, bigoted b*******!

07/24/15 10:24 pm

Yes, I'm sure Obama made this "mess" singlehandedly.

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/24/15 10:28 pm

Well...*mostly*. You have to give him credit. A fireman usually tries to put out the fire. Obama just threw gas on it.
Some people just want to see America burn.

07/25/15 12:02 am

I thought that the idea's that Americans elect by majority vote the legislators and president that they feel can best run the country and represent their wants and needs..? Are you saying that the majority of Americans want to see their country burn?

iPolitix Political Party Animal
07/25/15 12:13 am

I'm saying Obama was elected by about 30% of eligible voters. 1/4 of them are brain-dead. 1/4 want free s***. 1/4 are ignorant. And 1/4 are godless commies.
So which group were you in?

Think Lovin Life
07/25/15 7:59 am

bassic ... except a majority of Americans didn't elect MrO. A slim majority of those who voted, cast their ballot for him.