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Show Of Hands January 23rd, 2013 12:00am

2016 Democratic Party Presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?

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01/30/13 4:52 pm

Neither will run, neither.

susanr Colorado
01/29/13 4:22 pm

Actually it's 135.

01/28/13 8:55 pm

I picked Biden because he is so funny with all his dumb remarks and he wouldn't win!

01/27/13 9:33 pm

Clinton and Biden are a combined 150+ years old. It just won't happen.

01/27/13 2:12 pm

Not nearly as bad as ignoring warnings of 9/11.

01/26/13 10:49 pm

Please Clinton. We all know she was a lot of the brains behind Bill and our economy was so much more efficient. Someone with a brain needs to fix this budget.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/26/13 6:20 pm

Nope. The idiot electorate voted for four more years of transitioning to socialism. Never underestimate the stupidity of the voter.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
01/26/13 6:16 pm

Unless the GOP cleans out their election execs, they will continue to lose. Put Trump in charge so he can "You're Fired!" them all and start anew. There is no excuse for losing to the Bolshevists.

michaeladam12 Franklin
01/26/13 9:03 am

Cant stand both, but joe is just not right in the head, Hillary is at least slightly smart

01/26/13 12:16 am

okay. Clinton... trust issues. Bidden.... no. I'm thinking that as we get closer and closer to resembling a nationwide reenactment of Idiocracy? we need a new everything. I love our country and sometimes I feel like that Indian (native American) standing on the side of the road while a car passenge

Alienmoose1 New York
01/25/13 10:28 pm

Lol wonder why so many republicans want Biden...

01/25/13 9:03 pm

None of it matters, we have gotten into a pattern, 2 terms dem, 2 terms repub, 2 terms dem, it will be repubs next time then dems again. Hopefully Ron Paul gets it, I might not agree with him on everything but the man doesn't flipflop, you know what to expect with him.

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
01/25/13 5:30 pm

Biden, gop would win in a landslide

01/25/13 2:54 pm

40,000? Are you really that stupid?

01/25/13 7:18 am

They'd be the same age. Reagan took office at 70. Clinton will be 70 in 2017.

OhNo Thornton, Colorado
01/24/13 11:26 pm

Neither. God no. either choice is a bad choice, democrat party better have a backup plan.

8455 Missouri
01/24/13 11:15 pm

Hillery will be older than even Regan was

01/24/13 10:19 pm

Hillary can't be president because her voice is weird! That's the only attribute a successful president needs! Joe can't be president because he is stupid! I have no factual evidence to support this claim but I'm saying it anyway! Rabble Rabble... This place is a worse circle jerk than Reddit

01/24/13 7:39 pm

Think about this African Americans had the right to vote before woman did almost 40 years

01/24/13 6:28 pm

She tore up congress... Lol. She looked liked the screaming idiot.

MrWolfe Nashville
01/24/13 5:31 pm

NEWT 2016? Wow...

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
01/24/13 4:15 pm

Biden would make a terrible president! I don't like Hilary either but Joe would be worse. NEWT 2016!!!!

01/24/13 4:00 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........yeah like I would vote for either one of those maniacs. biden is COMPLETELY unfit to manage a country let alone a McDonald's, and Hillary just grosses me out. we need another Lincoln or FDR...if only...:(

vbranger Hillary for Prison
01/24/13 1:35 pm

Biden is a tool & a follower.I'm not a Democrat, but I believe Hillary could fix this country, balance the budget, work with congress & she probably would take full responsibility unlike who we have now. (It's Bush's fault) Obama has failed failed failed. If you cannot see it, you need to wake up.

DrReid Ever present.
01/24/13 12:49 pm

Compare them to republican leadership and then try calling them idiot. Be honest...

DrReid Ever present.
01/24/13 12:45 pm

The world loves her, why all the hate?

01/24/13 12:45 pm

omg...they are both undesirables! no way...neither one!

annis Kansas
01/24/13 11:16 am

Absolutely neither loser! Just answered to see the poll. Lol.

youmils03 California
01/24/13 10:56 am

NEITHER!!! ewwwwww

01/24/13 10:54 am

How is Biden an idiot? Is it because he says common sense stuff that people are to afraid to say out loud.

01/24/13 10:52 am

Dude she tore up congress like they were idiots trust me this dident Hirt her at all.

01/24/13 10:51 am

I'm torn I really like both of them I'm leaning towards Clinton though.

01/24/13 10:01 am

Clinton will be overshadowed by Bengazi for some time now. She got thrown under the bus, but such is politics!

commonsense America isnt racist
01/24/13 9:52 am

It's Official: Worst. Recovery. EVER

fracy A deeper shade of blue.
01/24/13 7:50 am

Based on Biden's crass, derisive, and disrespectful behavior in the V.P debate last October, definitely Hillary. Biden's way too vulgar to be President.

RepubIican South east
01/24/13 7:40 am

Obviously neither is satisfactory, but I would have to say Hillary because she is obviously intelligent.

Adric Elkmont
01/24/13 7:39 am

Detest the EVIL woman but unless a miracle happens the wench will be our next president. Rubio is probably the best choice for GOP but not sure even he can beat the witch.

01/24/13 7:23 am


MrWolfe Nashville
01/24/13 6:58 am

I actually submitted 1/2 this as a poll question, but had Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul.
Hadn't thought about Santorum making another go....

01/24/13 6:54 am

Though I picked Hilary for the sake of picking someone on this poll. Uncle Joe always looks drunk and overly happy. Stark contrast to Cheney who always looked pissed and upset. (Can we get a normal VP next time? lol)

01/24/13 6:51 am


01/24/13 6:41 am

Do you really have to make me choose! Town idiot or psychopath. I can think of a million better democrats to run. Geeze even Harry Reid would be better. And I hate him.

01/24/13 6:39 am

What I'm saying is, and I haven't simplified it sooner for the reason of people wanting to accuse me of wanting to do this, someone hasn't ASSASSINATED the president sooner because they didn't want a bigger dope-head to take his place.