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Show Of Hands August 3rd, 2011 12:00am

Have you ever been first on the scene of a serious car accident?

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08/16/11 11:04 pm

Yes I saw a collision with a semi. Didn't see the while thing but I pulled over to the side to help. I still have nightmares. It was gory. He was cut completely in 2 and part of his head was missing. The police said he slid down in his seat and the seat belt split him in 2.

08/15/11 7:51 pm

The accident I was in.

08/14/11 9:21 am

I saw a semi head on into a minivan... 6 passengers in the minivan died

TaB1777 Pennsylvania
08/11/11 2:03 pm

my uncle was driving fast on a back road he flipped the car and it cought on fire he didn't know that his wife was gonna have a baby at the time there girl is 4 years old and they are both fine thanks to Jesus

TaB1777 Pennsylvania
08/11/11 1:54 pm

@Maya how old r u that is is sad how old were u when that happened

m!a California
08/09/11 9:49 pm

My parents both were killed in a crash ....

08/06/11 6:18 pm

new years eve 1994 head on both parties killed he was drunk, she was carrying 5 lbs of pot

08/06/11 5:20 am

I was an EMT for 12 years!

08/06/11 1:31 am

Does it count that I'm in ems? ;)

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
08/05/11 9:25 pm

I certainly said yes for my 2 totaled cars. Bot my fault!

08/05/11 7:28 pm

Watched as my parents, brother and his girlfriend got smashed by a semi pushed down the interstate and rolled several times. Thanks to their seat belts and Subaru they all survived. Many people stopped to help including a med student who saved my moms life. Missed the game, but have my family. GBR.

08/05/11 5:32 am

Hawaii c. 1984, on a dark road cutting through cane fields. Drunk (and high) woman flipped her car, got out with a big gash on her head and was laughing about the whole thing.

heykvaz Northern Michigan
08/05/11 12:43 am

I was 17, on a rural backwoods road, watched a car lose it on a straight road and cross lanes into a ditch and tree. I pulled over to assist but he was dead instantly. I can still see his face and mangled body, so I do not wish that experience on anyone

CMLnKy Kentucky
08/05/11 12:21 am

Nope... And actually glad I haven't. I'll leave that to those who can stomach it... Police, fire, ems and serial killers!

ArmyRet Midwest
08/04/11 3:44 pm

Of course, when I was involved in it!

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
08/04/11 10:41 am

@gblack27 - It happened almost 13 years ago in northern VT and I can still recall details I'd rather forget. I don't think people understand how quickly their lives can chance for the worse. I look back on my younger days and realize, I got very lucky. Man I did some stupid things in a car.

08/04/11 10:36 am

(cont) when I opened the door to check on the driver, his head fell out into my hands. The dock bumper was at just the right height. That was one guy who will never drive while drinking again.

08/04/11 10:34 am

I used to be a cop in a small Miss. town. The first nite on duty was cold and rainy and we answered an accident call at a busy "T" intersection. A flat bed truck had made a left onto the highway and a guy in a small car ran the red and rear-ended the truck.

08/04/11 9:01 am

No car wrecks, just plane crashes...

08/04/11 8:55 am

One of the trucks in my convoy ran into the back of another and pushed the cab back at almost a 45 deg angle (cabover trucks & pulling loaded fuel trailers) how both of them didn't go up in flames still amazes me.. The driver in the 2nd truck got out with a bruised knee

08/04/11 7:02 am

@joshurge that must have been horrible to witness. so sad for those girls. I've been in a rollover wreck myself, it's scary as hell luckily we were all buckled & fine

08/04/11 6:58 am

I have seen 2 crashes in my life and they were pretty scary. Both times a guy ran a red light and drilled another car. We were right after the car that got hit both times.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/04/11 6:06 am

survived (I don't know about the teen), although the wife wouldn't have had a pulverized pelvis if she was USING HER SEATBELT!!!
2 important things from that "serious" accident that always apply.

Buckle up and slow down!


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/04/11 6:06 am

His friend and his friend's wife and kids were in a 1960s Volvo wagon stopped at a stop sign when a racing teen hit them at over 70 mph (that was as accurate as the police could get) ON THE SIDE! They ended up NOCKING A HOUSE OFF OF ITS FOUNDATION! However, they ALL...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/04/11 6:05 am

with under 35 driver deaths per million miles (our "Volvo Standard"). If you really do your research, using IIHS, and so on. You will be able to choose a SAFE and COMFORTABLE vehicle.

A story the guy who we bought our Volvo 240 from told us was astounding...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/04/11 6:04 am

I carry an emergency medical kit and fire extinguisher as standard equipment in our Volvo V70. As I said, I would have got to use the extinguisher if it were fire and not steam :-/

Some of the crashes described are the reasons that we own 25 star crash rated vehicles...

08/04/11 4:31 am

yes, that time I crashed into a telephone exchange and then drove into a swimming pool.

08/04/11 4:19 am

Hey look at the map! All 50 are the same color . . . RED! That's the color they will be Nov 2012! Is it 2012 yet?

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/04/11 3:02 am

Saw one my husband and I rendered aid. Was hit by a drunk. He was the only one who was in a car. I was walking to school. Very lucky girl. I lived. Badly hurt.

08/04/11 12:19 am

ya many times I served as an EMT for my community but it was those very accidents that caused me to burn out I miss it sometimes

jessica maryland
08/03/11 11:03 pm

I was right behind the car that got plowed into it was terrifying! I wish I wasn't there. I was scared to drive after I saw that.

Lulzy New Jersey
08/03/11 10:45 pm

Not me. This sparked an interest to pack a medkit and fire extinguisher. I want to learn how to use them.

joshg USS Battleship Alabama
08/03/11 10:10 pm

Four young girls just having fun I guess, until the driver lost control and they rolled. The driver was belted and wasn't hurt but the other 3 were ejected. Two were messed up pretty badly and one died in a ditch on the side of the road. I was the only person there for awhile. That was tough.

Zack100 Tatooine
08/03/11 10:06 pm

No but I saw one on the highway that had traffic backed up for at least five miles, maybe ten, and the cars moved at ten miles an hour! That's Dallas traffic for ya!!!!

08/03/11 9:46 pm

A serious or in the emergency field it's called major usually consists of major injuries and fatality of victims and damage to vehicles can also be used as a description. It just depends on the agency in which you work.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/03/11 9:36 pm

I saw a head on collision on a 55 mph road. This old old lady in her Chrysler, who wasn't supposed to be driving outside her town, vs. two women in a Saturn. The lady's arm was broken. Her forearm looked like one of those flexible straws. Her airbag deployed and she was coughing and coughing.

osouless Whats Next
08/03/11 9:10 pm

Thankfully no. And just curious what constitutes a SERIOUS car accident??

kashish Ohio
08/03/11 8:28 pm

I've been IN a serious can accident. Ruptured my whole face couldn't see out of an eye and hear out of an ear. Even had trouble eating. It was baaaaadddddd. I'm all good now

08/03/11 7:49 pm

No but wish I were, I know how I want to respond, and I want to be able to help save a life.

08/03/11 7:33 pm

Yes. A city bus hit a pt cruiser that ran a stop light... I was standing in the parking lot of my work. The lady was lucky it hit her passenger side. No fatalities.

dlyliny1 New York
08/03/11 7:30 pm

Does it count if I was one of the cars in the accident? Fifteen car pile-up on Storrow Drive in Boston, I was the middle car (btw, relates to yesterday's poll about tailgaters...'nuf said).

08/03/11 6:28 pm

I'm a firefighter and been to several. I've been to several fatalities in the years including one that killed one of my best friends. It never gets easy, but I know this is what God chose me to do and I keep going day after day.

Piper? Texas
08/03/11 6:27 pm

Get the lady out. She had a head injury and was to shocked to crawl out the window... It was early in the morning on an old road that not many people drive on....