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Show Of Hands June 23rd, 2012 12:00am

If an American company can manufacture its products overseas less expensively without sacrificing quality, should they?

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06/29/12 7:50 pm

Hollybabble wrong they don't care about people like you!

HolyBabble Mississippi
06/29/12 6:23 am

58% of Republicans say "yes" ?

WTF? I thought they were supposed to be the most patriotic people on the planet.

Haha, their true colors shine through.

They don't give a damn about this country. Ship all the jobs overseas... they wouldn't care. Pathetic scum!

mrhelpurbiz Indiana
06/28/12 6:10 am

Everyone who said no is a hypocrite

mrhelpurbiz Indiana
06/28/12 6:09 am

Everyone who said no is a hypocrite...

jgdssfhjkg Kentucky
06/27/12 4:43 pm

If you answered "no"... are you using an Apple product? hmmm

06/26/12 7:04 am

Should they be able to, yes. Do I wish they would take the stand and say Made in USA, yes, and I'd pay more.

06/26/12 5:43 am

This is why you can buy cheap stuff from Walmart or target. Can't have the best of both worlds

StNik North Carolina
06/25/12 7:29 pm

Not all businesses suck. That's the truth. Good corporations exist.

06/25/12 8:21 am

Global economics. For businesses it's a no brainer. Pride having a made in America label takes second place to the almighty bottom line. Unless workers in the US are willing to take massive pay cuts & ditch regulations that protect them, this is the new normal.

06/25/12 6:02 am

Studies have recently shown that every government job created reduces private sector employment by 1 to 2.2 jobs. The impact of increased taxes & debt to pay for the government job crowds out other employment. Government, not outsourcing, increases unemployment.

06/25/12 6:00 am

Why are so many people against unions and government when the whole reason their there is to protect your rights? Businesses are in it for profit only. If they can cut your pay or reduce your benefits to make a buck they will! Without a check and balance neither democracy or capitalism will work

06/25/12 2:06 am

Even if we eliminated unions & tax differences as long as we trade with Third World workers who can subsist for a fraction of our living costs, jobs will migrate. Free trade ballooned corporate profits only to reverse now as US consumers earn & buy less. Big Biz loses when jobs don't benefit market.

06/24/12 9:19 pm

@Nuwriter I agree 100% I was a city employee required to pay into the union and had zero say on how it was spent and felt huge pressure to vote with my supervisor. That is a crime. I'm so glad I no longer work there. My sister still works for the city and she hates it.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 8:25 pm

Yes, separate gov. and business. But i wouldn't say unions are an answer. Too many of them are as corrupt as the government.

06/24/12 8:05 pm

Repeal the Wagner Act, that allows for compulsory union membership, and protects union violence and coercion. Eliminate the NLRB. Seperate government and business, and make businesses survive or fail on the basis of serving consumers, not the state.

06/24/12 8:02 pm

You want to bring the jobs back. Cut government. Fire the regulators, cut whole departments of government. Release the resources from the government into the productive sector. Eliminate all tarriffs and subsidies, and let the people thrive.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 8:01 pm

American companies should be proud to be an American company rather than be proud of their profits. Plenty of companies do it successfully and are in infer of closing. Have some god damned pride in your employees and country than a damn dollar.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 7:46 pm

Nvr....Yes I have seen that but the main reason for that response was roy's bs. I can agree with what you said about lowering the rate with tax break elimination. As it is now most major Corps have dedicated personnel for tax avoidance. It's ridiculous.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 7:39 pm do know Obama wants to lower the tax rate don't you? Of course not.

06/24/12 7:37 pm

Ncbuc; you are right there have been some of those companies here for years but in the last couple to 5 years there has been a huge growth of new manufacturing in the southern states from Texas a new Toyota truck plant to Georgia I think they build the Porsche and everything in between.

06/24/12 7:01 pm

Obamanomics will turn us into a 3rd world country. Crushing debt, crushing regulations, anti-business, anti-jobs, anti-energy. Greece, you will have company.

06/24/12 6:59 pm

We tax corporations at the federal as well as at the state level. Japan just lowered their total tax rate below ours. Before that we had the 2nd highest tax rates in the world. We've moved into 1st position now. The rest of the world wants value producing companies & jobs more than we do.

06/24/12 6:18 pm

When you raise taxes on corporations all you do is make their products more expensive because they will pass it on to the rest of us. They have a profit margin to operate in that satisfies their stock holders. As owners of mutual fund retirement plans thats us! So in the end we get screwed again!

06/24/12 6:13 pm

Get rid of loop holes and take the rate to 23 to 25% and then you might have something.

06/24/12 6:13 pm

Really anyone with half a brain knows that its really rare for large corporations, multi-nationals to pay over 20%, most tech companies like Apple for example pay closer to 10 to 15%. so when Barry is demonizing big oil you just have to realize its part of his strategy to kill fossil fuel companies.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 6:11 pm

If it's because of "high corporate taxes". Why wasn't it a bigger occurrence in the past when taxes were almost 50%? It's BS. Lowering the tax rate further would only continue the path that is already occurring.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 5:59 pm

Companies outsourcing are not doing it because if taxes. And if you think companies "should" (not "can") go overseas for profit rather than employ their own people, then don't bitch when we are a third world country.

ncbuc Get Over It
06/24/12 5:54 pm

It’s been 25 years since the last big tax legislation, it cut the corporate rate to 34% from 46% and eliminated a lot of deductions and tax breaks. years of pushing by businesses, has left us with both a lower tax rate (now 35%) & more deductions, shelters, & tax-reducing tactics.

Not the issue.

06/24/12 5:47 pm

Anyone with a 401K should be rooting hard as hell for companies to maximize their profits. We should as the leader of the largest economy in the world at least try to be a competitive force and the example of how free markets work when unburdened by high taxes and bureaucratic regulations.

06/24/12 5:11 pm

I would love for them to create jobs in the US. But why should they when we send them the message that they are going to be required to pay more than their fare share of the taxes, permits and healthcare and unemployment etc...

indygirl Oregon
06/24/12 4:15 pm

They should be patriotic and give jobs to Americans and pay wages so their employees can afford American made goods.

06/24/12 3:57 pm

Free market. Lower prices for us. Less jobs is the punishment for the stupid 60% of the population who are for big government and high taxes on corporations.

anarchy4s South Carolina
06/24/12 3:47 pm

Its a free country. They have the freedom to outsource and the responsibility to keep and maintain a successful company. Want the to stay here? Me too! Incentivize it DC! ...and please try to drop the big evil corporation line in the process. This economy can't afford your 1% vs 99% crap.

06/24/12 3:18 pm

I'll pay a little more for a product if it's made in the US. Seeing Made in America on ABC news makes me realize how we can improve our economy.

06/24/12 3:00 pm

Unions, regulations and taxes seem to be the major issues. That supposedly forces companies to move overseas. Instead of looking first at how a company is managed, we look at the companies cost of labor, regulations and tax burden. The quickest way to boost profits is cutting wages.

06/24/12 2:35 pm

The issue is not free trade but "like trade". The First World should trade with 1st; Third World to 3rd. We don't throw wrestlers from different weight classes together & expect anything resembling real competition. The Third World should come up to First World standards. It's lose-lose in reverse!

06/24/12 2:21 pm

Like should trade with like otherwise we get a see-saw where jobs & capital slide to the lowest point. If tax, trade, labor & environmental standards are unequal profits flow out faster than incomes keep up. Cheaper costs without disrupts consumer earning & buying within. Ultimately a lose-lose!

bnnt Los Angeles
06/24/12 1:11 pm

Free market. As long as the consumer knows where it's coming from.

06/24/12 12:55 pm

If an American company wants to manufactur widgets in another country, to compete in that market let them. The same goes a company wanting to compete in the u.s. market. All this talk of shareholders. Seems we are investing in moving our jobs overseas.

catpillow Florida West Coast
06/24/12 12:08 pm

If an American company manufactures it's products overseas, is it still an American company?

06/24/12 11:46 am

The corporation's responsibility is to make a profit for its stockholders. If it can do that in America, great. If it can make more of a profit by outsourcing, then they should. It isn't always possible to buy American. I refuse to pay $150 for a USA made shirt when I can get a similar for $30.

06/24/12 11:24 am

It is and should be the company's choice. To force a company to use the higher-cost US worker means more power to the unions, which eventually drives up the cost to do business even further. If America wants to be competitive in the world economy, we'd better compare ourselves to the world's wages

uspatriot Oklahoma
06/24/12 10:42 am

Why not, nobody in USA needs a job.

ElliotAustin88 Texas
06/24/12 8:56 am

Government should give competitive tax breaks to major manufacturers that could employ over 5 thousand people. Of all the topics in the 2012 election I believe that unemployment is the most important.

06/24/12 8:32 am

It's greed and it will never change why would these companies make half less profit to help America? They only care about the money