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Have you been in love more than twice in your life? (UserQ)

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swimguy Illinois
02/02/12 10:14 pm

I know some people my age who say they're in true love, but its a total lie

01/28/12 1:35 am

True love - twice. And feel very lucky indeed. Thought I was in love. More but proven wrong.

Pookie1980 South Carolina
01/27/12 11:20 pm

I'm am married to the 1st Love of my life

Melon No Ducklips
01/27/12 8:56 pm

The first time I fell in love turned out I just wanted laid. The second time was/is real and very amazing. True love is grand!

sbakh1012 New York
01/27/12 8:36 pm

I thought people under 21 would be a lot more because I didn't think they would understand the difference between true love and lust

live2shop Florida
01/27/12 7:47 pm

i felt like I was in love once, but I really wasn't

blingostarr North Carolina
01/26/12 5:19 pm

just twice -- but both were totally different. one was at first sight, the torturous kind; the next time developed over time and was comfortable, even though we couldn't really be together :p

01/26/12 12:11 pm

Sorry lilipad but middle school crushes aren't exactly deep love. They're butterfly feelings in your stomach. The end.

lilipad Tennessee
01/26/12 5:03 am

Wow what about middle school? Were you just all lonely or something?

01/26/12 12:59 am

love with my God, my family, my husband, my children, my friends, my pets and my ranch:)

01/25/12 3:54 pm

@veritas- yep that was me :) I go around to middle schools in my area and teach an abstinence-based sex Ed program to 6/7th graders. Been doing it for four years or so and it's actually a really cool program

01/25/12 10:41 am

I said no. I've been in love exactly twice. Once to a high school sweetheart (at least that what i thought love should be at that age) and to my husband.

veritas1 Panda
01/24/12 10:25 pm

My loves: Cars and Basketball.

veritas1 Panda
01/24/12 10:25 pm

@jjc. What subject do you teach?

(also I vaguely remember something about you-maybe it was you-and Pecos? Was that you I was talking to?)

bnnt Los Angeles
01/24/12 9:56 pm

That first one was beyond painful. It hurts just thinking about it.

01/24/12 9:41 pm

I'm in love right now. <3

01/24/12 8:57 pm

@fiat you def dont want my long version- this lesson takes me an hour to teach ;)

01/24/12 8:56 pm

Getting over the first one is always the hardest

01/24/12 8:14 pm

Only one but the more I spend time apart from him the more I question my feelings.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/24/12 8:12 pm

@jjc by your definition of love, I love over 7 billion people!


01/24/12 8:06 pm

It wasn't the greatest love, but I have loved more than 2 people. Different stages in your life love can take on different feelings.

01/24/12 7:51 pm

I think you can love someone after you loved another person. well at least I'm hoping. is love this? when i spent a short amount of time together(1month) but i didnt kiss or anything but i knew them so well that I couldn't stop thinking about him even after a year with not seeing him I think about h

01/24/12 6:34 pm

I don't believe you can be truly in love more than once. If you love someone you know that they are the person for you and you want to be together forever. I understand that people make mistakes so maybe two is the limit. But love isn't a game. It isn't true love if it's "love" for the 4th time.

01/24/12 6:09 pm

@jjc- crushes are selfish? And you teach that? Do you teach that Obama is the greatest president or just a president? Does anyone review the drivel you teach? Crushes are a part of life! Most folks learn 'reality' shortly thereafter! But selfish? Inward? What a crock!

01/24/12 5:58 pm spell check changed it to jic...again, thanks for your post

01/24/12 5:57 pm

jic....what a wonderful lesson you are teaching your students. Kudos.

godcyanide Probably gone for good
01/24/12 5:26 pm

Once, and it was awesome. But our destinies had 5,000 miles put between them, and it proved to be too much. We still care for each other a lot and speak regularly. I'm off the market at the moment - too much chaos in my personal life to devote the time to finding love again.

01/24/12 5:18 pm

Does being in love w/ my Harley count?! I tried the conventional boy-girl thing- it didn't work- but my Harley & I are great! (no you Adams n Steves- my Harley isn't a guy- it's a Harley!!!)

01/24/12 2:27 pm

Yep. This is my second one, but I know he loves me back.

katniss Dallas, TX
01/24/12 12:39 pm


@jjc I think it's so great that you teach them that! There's no harm in being interested in a person and having a crush on them but when the relationship is moving toward marriage it just can't be a "crush" anymore.

MrChris80 California
01/24/12 12:38 pm

My wife and i are "highschool sweethearts", so no. :)

katniss Dallas, TX
01/24/12 12:37 pm

@evo I agree in some ways-- I very much agree that it is very possible to love someone (even of the opposite sex) dearly and not "love" them for marriage (or the like). But where many languages have tons of words for "love", ours just has the one. So I do think there is a difference when context ...

01/24/12 11:56 am

@ncbuc I'm in the Tampa Bay area.

01/24/12 11:31 am

I teach this to middle schoolers- crushes are selfish and pointed "inward." love begins when you begin to care more about the other person and their well being than your own.

01/24/12 10:46 am

More than twice in one day! Oh to be a teen again...

evo Tampa
01/24/12 10:41 am

@sarasponda I also believe the exact opposite. I think a big problem in society is they view love exactly like you. As an exclusive emotion reserved for few. However I think that is a societal delusion of what love is for or capable of. I still say love is far more common than you'd like to admit

evo Tampa
01/24/12 9:27 am

@sarasponda so if you claim there is a difference between the feeling of a crush and love, can you define the difference? Can you tell me when the crush ends and the love begins? Using societal explanations does not suffice by the way.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/24/12 7:31 am

I had already made up my mind not to date until I'm actually ready to marry, and even then it'd be a bit different, so I turned her down also. In addition I have a policy whereby a certain list of criteria must be met for one to be considered. Neither of them passed, so…


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/24/12 7:31 am

boyfriend?) First time I was eight and didn't really understand the dating thing. I though she just wanted to be friends, but I still turned her down because we moved too much to stay in touch with her. Funny looking back on that. When another girl did it I was old enough to understand it, but…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/24/12 7:31 am

How many times have I truly been in love? Hmm. Try none? A partial crush on every girl I see and particularly those I know outside of my family, but then again not even a proper crush. Just not the right time… Now, I have had 2 girls who openly expressed their love for me (i.e. will you be my…

01/24/12 5:59 am

Once. Took me nearly twenty years to corral him. Worth every second.

01/24/12 5:50 am

I've been in love twice, and once where I thought it was love but it was more loneliness.

2katz I live in Nebraska
01/24/12 5:24 am

I think crush is an emotion, love is a behavior.

01/24/12 5:14 am

does adoring Che Guevara count?