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arste New York
10/23/12 4:02 pm

I'm biased. When do we get a third option so I can vote for Jim Kelly? Go Bills!!!

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/23/12 8:03 am

Montana made me a Niners fan, so I'm a homer..Besides, he DID have success in KC. He was cool as a cucumber in the pocket, and he was smart. Both Montana & Elway were fun to watch, along with Marino and Kelly.

10/22/12 12:12 am

Two phrases come to mind: "Montana to Clark" and "Montana to Rice"

10/21/12 11:39 pm

Yeah, it didn't have anything to do with the rest of the team at all huh?


10/21/12 11:38 pm

Actually, Joe Montana did that against the Broncos defense.

John Elway didn't play defense so......

TheOnEdgePro Area 52
10/21/12 7:06 pm

Montana proves that height isn't a factor to becoming a great QB.

10/21/12 1:50 pm

This isn't even close do u remember what Montana did to elway and the broncos in the superbowl

10/21/12 10:31 am

And just a better QB. SF doesn't win anything w/o Montana. Denver could have won their 2 superbowls with another QB.

10/21/12 10:29 am

If you're picking who you like that's one thing. If you're picking who's better, those who pick Elway are homers or naive.

tdaddy Kentucky
10/21/12 8:55 am

Huh? Are we picking a baby name? If so I like John Montana best!

MrWalrus Undergrid
10/21/12 5:05 am

Bill only coached Montana for three of his four Super Bowls, so no he was not a product of Walsh's system. He also had some success with KC. Elway was sloppy and undisciplined. That is why it took him so long to win a SB.

MrWalrus Undergrid
10/21/12 4:57 am

Elway only has two rings, Montana has four.

10/21/12 12:42 am

I like John Montana.

10/20/12 11:34 pm

I wonder why colorado is the only state that voted mostly for Elway? True fans, true fans. So how about those awesome hockey games? Lol this is going to be a long year for me.

10/20/12 10:06 pm

4 Superbowls. Cool under pressure. Totally unflappable. Classy and simply the best: Joe Montana. John Elway was temperamental and a spoiled brat when he didn't get his way. It was all about him. Joe was a team player and was respected by his coaches and teammates alike.


10/20/12 9:38 pm

I said Joe, but did some research, really good question. One stat stood out: joe Montana no interceptions in 4 Superbowls. That's cold as hell!!

10/20/12 7:02 pm

This is the first sports question, other than ones asking if I watched games, that I ever felt inclined to answer.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/20/12 7:01 pm

Elway, no contest. Willing to calmly wait forever for an open receiver, and willing to take the hit if nobody got free. Montana could get rid of the ball faster than a scared little girl if it even looked like he might get dinged.

10/20/12 6:45 pm

lol I know a guy named Joe Montana.

Listen2cKy Redding, CA
10/20/12 5:48 pm

If Elway was in Bill Walsh's system there would have been no comparison. I like Montana, but he was successful because of his coach. Elway could throw farther and run laps around Joe.

10/20/12 4:36 pm

Warren Moon!

10/20/12 3:46 pm

Aside from the fact that Montana was a better player, Elway is a douchebag.

10/20/12 3:07 pm

Montana. Period.

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
10/20/12 2:40 pm

...But, if all things were equal, I'd say Elway was better. Bigger, stronger could throw the deep ball. Montana threw a lot of crossing routes.

GoFlo Peace Through Strength
10/20/12 2:40 pm

Montana had a better supporting cast his whole career except when he went to KC. He was older of course. Elway had lesser players, still good, but he was still able to play very well...

10/20/12 12:54 pm

No he's not a car salesman. He owned a dealership while he was playing but he sold it. He's not even in the industry anymore

10/20/12 12:27 pm

You realize he is now the Vice President of football operations with the Denver Broncos...right?

10/20/12 12:26 pm

If Elway played on teams as good as Montana did then this wouldn't even be a question. Instead Elway played on subpar teams which he carried on his back for the majority of his career, making Montana seem like a more prolific QB.

10/20/12 12:10 pm

Jim Kelly!!! :D

cato Santa Barbara, California
10/20/12 11:49 am

Ya. Montana by a mile.

timeout Boston Strong
10/20/12 11:17 am

Not even close. Joe Montana could be the greatest of all time. Four Super Bowl wins. Number 16 new how to close a game.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
10/20/12 11:06 am

Elway, but I'm too young to have seen Montana. Elway was like a Brett favre who knew enough to leave at the top.

10/20/12 11:03 am

Neither. Johnny Unitas

hazhap1 Las Vegas
10/20/12 10:51 am

Elway is a skeezy car salesman now. Yuck!

snafu Washington
10/20/12 10:17 am

No clue who they are, football players? I picked Montana since it sounds familiar.

10/20/12 9:58 am

Elway took mediocre teams far with his great play( until the end when he had great teams and won championships). Montana isn't in the top 20 when it comes to great qb's. Montana was a moderately talented player on one of the greatest teams ever.

Quinnipiac Here
10/20/12 9:21 am

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KudosToYou California
10/20/12 9:16 am

Montana could actually play a full game.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/20/12 9:16 am

Joe Montana went to my High school... Ringgold ftw

10/20/12 9:15 am

Elway is the man

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
10/20/12 9:11 am

Montana is from PA. We have a bridge named after him.

tdyakker lost
10/20/12 9:09 am

Haven't been able to watch a game since he left. Elway all the way.

mac Oregon
10/20/12 9:09 am

Toughest poll ever :)

PurpleAsh Nowhere Land, CO
10/20/12 9:06 am

First. Elway all the way