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Show Of Hands January 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Do you think the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012 was an intentional apocalyptic prediction?

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01/15/12 12:45 am

They ran out of room and didn't want to make a wheel too big they couldn't roll it out of Mexico. Besides, we all
know the worlds going to end when LA
turns into a super volcano and the east coast is plunged into the next ice age. Oh wait, that was all Hollywood. Crap!

01/13/12 3:58 pm

They ran out of room on their wheel. When it ends, it goes back to year one.

01/10/12 8:53 am

It never was even to mayans, its just a calendar ending

01/08/12 10:09 pm

Perhaps they just thought to end it after a certain period of time so their descendants can extend it with what would obviously be better technology available

01/07/12 3:49 am

well at least you can always trust a hater to use an ancient calendar as an excuse to make disparaging political comments ...

Leo88 New Jersey
01/06/12 9:26 pm

@ elder. I "hope" your right. once Obamas out, there will be a great "change"

Eldar Maryland
01/06/12 2:03 pm

@ california. You are half right. The calendar is mayan. Although It was probably used by the aztecs as well. You see the aztecs adopted allot of mayan beliefs and culture, they even often lived amongst some of the great mayan pyramids. The mayan empire pretty much died out before the aztecs came.

Eldar Maryland
01/06/12 1:59 pm

The world will undergo a great change for the better.

Eldar Maryland
01/06/12 1:58 pm

The mayan calendar worked on a series of cycles. What people ,who want us to believe that the world is ending, ignore is that at the end of each cycle a golden age was supposed to occur. the last cycle ends in 2012 yes, but it doesn't mean the worlds ending. It means that if the mayans are right

01/05/12 3:27 pm

I would subscribe to the Mayan Doomsday Calendar on my iPad, but that whole time zone/daylight savings thing would probably confuse it and I would miss the end of the world.

asstickler Michigan
01/05/12 3:15 pm

so basically it's just about one in ten for most of the the filters. interesting.

chazB Georgia
01/04/12 1:48 pm

The Mayan calendar is based on the collapse of our current society, everything that you know and enjoy will be ending very soon, because all of our resources will be gone by December. That is, gone or destroyed...

jakersw22 Michigan
01/04/12 12:30 pm

they just ran out of room on their rock.

aSsOUL California
01/04/12 8:54 am

1st of all, every time they discuss the Mayans on TV, from what I've seen, they show the Aztec calendar stone, & It's Not A Calendar! & It's Not Mayan! 2nd, it's a mistranslation! It's not "The End of the 'World'", it's the "End of the 'Era or Age'"! Simple History!

01/04/12 3:33 am

I think: the mayans were aliens, who left clues and signs for us to decipher... but didn't disappear, rather left earth; they were the ones who created the stone hedges the pyramids, languages, technology and so forth. 2012 may be year they are
coming back.... doubt me, sure you do, 4 now

Dream Hogwarts
01/03/12 9:26 pm

No, they got bored and decided to end it there. Or they thought it would be funny to mess with us.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/03/12 9:17 pm

no, but if it was, I wouldn't give it any more credit for being so.

01/03/12 9:11 pm

But it doesn't end, It just clicks over to the next part...

01/03/12 8:32 pm

it wasn't. it was the beginning of a new period. American people are so ignorant its ridiculous..

NYevo NY
01/03/12 6:01 pm

How many "End of the world" predictions must we live through before people stop believing in such things?

Happy2 California
01/03/12 5:31 pm

Hopefully the 10% that believe in this will "opt-out" before the end of the year and we will see the National IQ increase by several points.

01/03/12 4:11 pm

I only fear the true believers in this will do stupid things on or around that day making my job harder than it already is I will make sure to have plenty of ketamine ready for the inevitable excited delirium calls.

01/03/12 2:44 pm

Also, humans have changed the calendar we use today SO many times throughout history since the Mayans made that calendar. Also the Mayan New Year was in July... So they are way different than ours

01/03/12 2:42 pm

The calendar only had enough space, and they only had so much time to keep making it before they died off... Also, In Mexico, it's not apocalyptic anyways. They say dec 21, 2012 is when humans will begin a new relationship with nature.

Wert A picture of my junk
01/03/12 1:23 pm

New research has revealed startling information about the "Mayan Calendar". It isn't a calendar at all. A recent translation of the glyphs carved into the stone read "South American Public Works • Storm Sewer". It's a manhole cover.

01/03/12 1:11 pm

Okay you do realize that the mayan years are shorter than ours and that 2012 would have already passed for the mayans!!! Im tired of hearing about this crap!!!

23 Texas
01/03/12 11:17 am

You'd think that after writing a few thousands years' worth of calendar, one would get tired...

d2acc1 Ohio
01/03/12 11:16 am

Dear world, our calendar ends where it does because some Spanish douchebags invaded our land and we got a little busy with that. Sincerely, the Mayans.

erika348 Texas
01/03/12 9:24 am

Well, per something that came to me via Facebook, we know that the world won't end in 2012 since Marty Mcfly travelled to 2015.

robsarmuk Connecticut
01/03/12 8:48 am

The Mayans were just lazy and tired of writing so the quit and that's where their calendar ended

striker59 Colorado
01/03/12 8:35 am

I don't know what's happening but I know landlocked Colorado is gonna be safe

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/03/12 7:39 am

We've been told to be tsunami ready. The big ones hit every 300 or so years. The last big one went 20 or 30 miles inland. They follow water. It's backlash struck Japan.

01/02/12 8:19 pm

Guys, I think the calendar ends on December 21st 2012 because they were wiped out before they could finish.

01/02/12 7:43 pm

There's a button in the center of that piece of rock that when you push it it will spin around and display another 2000 years.....?

bigfish Missouri
01/02/12 7:43 pm

Mayans knew their stuff when it comes to calendars and predictions. Very smart culture, especially considering time period. Will a flood destroy the earth in December? Who knows...

sohuser California
01/02/12 7:28 pm

@wertyio I feel the same way, History's apocalypse week was just a load of crap.

01/02/12 6:59 pm

10% of America is $&@?ing retarded... Idiocracy is coming true.

01/02/12 6:43 pm

Like the professor said- it's just the end of an era (like I hope Obama is!).

01/02/12 5:22 pm

If the world does end on December 21, 2012, I'm going out with a bang. That's my birthday. Honestly, I don't think it will happen.

If the Mayans were so great a predicting the future there would still be a Mayans civilization.

Wert A picture of my junk
01/02/12 4:51 pm

I'm looking forward to it for one reason. The History Channel might actually start broadcasting shows about history. It'll be good to have them back.

01/02/12 3:44 pm

At this time so that is also why it has bait of significance

01/02/12 3:43 pm

The Mayan calendar is more astrologically based is indicates earth's new position and alignment with stars and planets. To the mayans they are entering a new age which they have 5 we have 12 associated with our zodiac however it seems as though both our ages are considered to be around the same date

swt1899 Texas
01/02/12 3:33 pm

Our calendar is based on something completely different than the Mayan one. There are many calendars: gregorian, lunar, Augustan, etc.

01/02/12 2:59 pm

They ran out of room on the rock, end of story