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swa North Carolina
09/26/12 8:31 pm

"you play to win the game!"

captain12345 Tennessee
09/26/12 12:22 am

Everyone plays to win if people didn't then what would be the point?

09/24/12 11:21 am

It ain't no fun unless you're playing to win.

09/23/12 5:43 am

Winning is fun. If you aren't playing to win don't waste time keeping score.

09/23/12 12:42 am

I dont think this isn't referring to life.....but this bs where everyone gets a trophy is bullshit and turns kids into pussys. Play hard, get hurt and go for the win and feel good about yourself when you get there!


09/22/12 11:21 pm

I think it's hilarious that Nevada, nearly more so than any other state likes to play for fun and not to win. The rest of us think "Sports" and they think "Gambling". It clearly shows who wins in gambling. It must be those darn casinos!

09/22/12 5:44 pm

It really depends in the game: I can't stand it when you're playing a pick up basketball or soccer game and some of the players are throwing vicious elbows, slide tackling with cleats up, and then throw temper tantrums and cuss people out when they make mistakes.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
09/22/12 10:55 am

Without winning, there's no point in playing.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
09/22/12 10:52 am

It depends what you're talking about. If it's life, it can be both. If it's games. It's for fun

FAHayek Iowa
09/22/12 5:38 am

They aren't mutually exclusive.

blutuesday California
09/21/12 11:30 pm

Scrabble? PLAY TO WIN...and have fun along the way!

emsies Seattle
09/21/12 11:17 pm

Depends on the game. A sport? Play to win. A game of scrabble? Play to have fun.
Then again, playing hard in a sport is really fun.

valeriejo ramble on
09/21/12 9:47 pm

I don't play often, but when I do.. I play to win!

monkeyy Ohio
09/21/12 8:28 pm

To have fun! I don't like in gym class when people take games too seriously. It's just a game, not a life or death situation.
Winning is just a bonus! But make sure you're having fun first.

09/21/12 6:50 pm

Just win Baby even though I hate the Raiders

09/21/12 6:24 pm

It's all fun until someone gets hurt

DeathSheep Michigan
09/21/12 5:18 pm

Fun, winning is just the cherry on the top

09/21/12 3:22 pm

Omnitarian excellent answer

omniku dot com
09/21/12 3:03 pm

Play to have fun and you ALWAYS win!

09/21/12 2:47 pm

Take a lesson from my 15 year old son who went out for JV football. They have lost every game so far, but he spent the summer working out and practicing. He looks great, he feels great and he has team spirit. Is he a loser? I think not.

09/21/12 2:18 pm

Play to have fun, but winning makes playing even funnier.

lmurder MDK
09/21/12 1:31 pm

If you're not first you're last. Play to win!

09/21/12 12:37 pm

I Play To Have Fun Im Not A Gambling Type Person Because You Or Your Competitor Will Be Mad And I Wouldnt Want To Ruin The Fun Of The Game Over Satans $$$

09/21/12 12:28 pm

I'm pretty competitive, and I don't mind losing. But if I lost about 3 years ago, that would be a totally different story

BriD Illinois
09/21/12 12:08 pm

Both -- depends on the game, really...

09/21/12 11:58 am

Depends on what it is. Usually, fun.

09/21/12 10:11 am

So that's why moronic democrats think Obama is doing so great- its just a game to them. You 47% can kiss my working a*s!

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/21/12 10:02 am

Winning is what makes it fun!!

@eternalsprg yes I am competitive even in yoga. I should be embarrassed about it, but really I'm not. ????

Zack100 Tatooine
09/21/12 9:50 am

Winning is everything!!! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!! Jk but I am extremely competitive so winning is very important to me

09/21/12 9:42 am

Winning is fun! And fun is winning!!

09/21/12 9:19 am

Look at the map, this is why Alabama wins at almost nothing

09/21/12 9:12 am

It's boring if you just play to win. Both.

09/21/12 7:56 am

You only play to win when your job is on the line. Everyone else is just an over competitive a**hole.

09/21/12 7:24 am

Ricky Bobby taught me that: "If you ain't first, your last".

MasterMatt Oregon
09/21/12 7:10 am

Winning (within the rules) is fun!!!

09/21/12 6:43 am

both, you should have fun winning the game!

09/21/12 6:36 am

Depends. If something's on the line like money, I play to win, but more often than not I'm usually playing board games, video games.

kandykane California
09/21/12 6:25 am

Depends on the game being played. If I'm good at it, I'm probably more likely to play to win.

EternalSprg global
09/21/12 6:08 am

Do not take your silly ass too seriously:) have fun!!

09/21/12 6:04 am

If I'm not winning I'm not having to much fun.

thelowend imitation is flattery
09/21/12 6:03 am

Herm Edwards - "you play to win the game!!!!"