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Show Of Hands July 2nd, 2012 12:00am

If they can't be denied coverage when they are sick, and the penalty (max 2.5% of income) will be much less than the cost (~$4000) for most, do you think the Affordable Care Act will result in more healthy people choosing not to purchase health insurance?

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dj84 Ohio
07/11/12 5:03 pm

You still have to pay the bill along with the penalty.

Joshtheman New York
07/07/12 6:56 am

It was the worst idea ever to have that it screws up tons of small businesses so vote for Romney as president for 2012-2016

adalla Virginia
07/05/12 9:45 am

NYEvo - I'll agree with you there. Decisions are made by people who have worked hard to earn the right to make them, there's no ridiculous liability issues, everyone pulls together for a common cause regardless of race, color, creed or gender. It's an environment every young person should experience

wittmeister Florida
07/05/12 9:16 am

Every poll I see how out of touch Democrats are with the American population.

NYevo NY
07/05/12 4:24 am

@adalla: No, I said that the military works well. In general. Someone was saying the government in all forms is incompetent. I said that the Military works well

adalla Virginia
07/04/12 9:05 pm

My employer dropped my health plan as well when the premiums went up about 20%. So far this crappy plan has been great for middle-class America.

Komm No. I am your father
07/04/12 5:30 pm

I already dropped my health care. Not to get a free ride. But I'll be damned if some dummy 500 miles away think they can force me to buy something. I would like to see them put an American in jail for not buying something.

adalla Virginia
07/04/12 4:49 pm

NYEvo - did you just say that military health care works pretty well? ROFL.

I know more horror stories than you can shake a stick at. I have a huge scar on my left arm due to their incompetence. NOBODY thinks military health care is good

adalla Virginia
07/04/12 4:47 pm

Geobelker - you still don't understand what insurance IS. What's being forced on us is no longer insurance... it's the govt forcing everyone to pay for the health care of others. And no, we DON'T do that now. We pay for life saving treatment, which is a lot less costly.

07/04/12 9:49 am

Anybody who said no cant do math...

NYevo NY
07/04/12 7:11 am

Or look at the Military. That works pretty well. Dont bash all gov programs. Many work just fine. Many need to work better

dogsaver new Jersey
07/04/12 4:12 am

If the government is involved, it's not going to work! Look at the post office.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/03/12 11:00 pm

This entire scam was set up to an eventual government run single payer program.

07/03/12 5:21 pm

For example cancer you can get coverage.

07/03/12 5:21 pm

@adalla the preexisting condition section is designed to protect chronically I'll people. My opinion is that if a person has a preexisting condition the company should be able to deny coverage for say 3 months then they must accept them. So if you break your arm you can't freeload but if you have

07/03/12 5:16 pm

@justsayin how bout the survival of the MOST? A few lose something so many can gain something... Sounds good to me no matter my personal situation.

NYevo NY
07/03/12 5:02 pm

Fraud has been around for as long as i remember. Its not new and It should be squashed. This can be done by an insurance company at an additional cost, or by the gov at the same cost or less since they only have to pay the cost to do this without a profit. And they can threaten fraudulence with jail

07/03/12 4:56 pm

What's wrong with survival of the fittest?

NYevo NY
07/03/12 4:50 pm

@nvr: First address my point. The primary role of a health insurance company is to pay its members health bills with its members' money, whilst cutting a profit.

07/03/12 4:34 pm

I think you guys watch to many bad movies, ever work in an insurance company? Ever process claims? Ever investigate claims? You guys make it sound like there's a big fat guy setting in his leather chair deciding other people fate. Fraud is huge especially right now in the new normal, Obamas economy!

NYevo NY
07/03/12 3:15 pm

single payer makes sense so long as the health care providers (not the payers) remain market driven for competition. All the insurance company does is pay the bill with the patients (pooled) money anyways and cuts a profit from it. They do this by taking decisions out of your doctors hands.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
07/03/12 2:28 pm

All I'm seeing are arguments for singlepayer

07/03/12 2:05 pm

So you think an illegal is worried about their credit rating?

NYevo NY
07/03/12 10:03 am

Besides paying the fine, your credit will be ruined if you freeload. At least now the gov can take the fine on behalf of the taxpayer

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/03/12 9:32 am

@bdog the question was offering a choice between the penalty/tax and purchasing insurance. For some the penalty/tax may appear to be less expensive in the short term. Obviously the penalty/tax SHOULD have been at least equal to the lowest cost insurance. bdog meet Congress; Congress, bdog.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/03/12 8:03 am

People almost always opt for the lower cost option. This is not about expanding healthcare. It's about expanding government control in our lives.

07/03/12 8:00 am

Now you see the problem. Everyone will be taxed but whether they pay it or not is up to them. Since you won't be denied coverage people won't buy insurance until they need it. Several urgent care facilities here have that already. You can pay to be covered for a year on your first visit

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
07/03/12 7:44 am

So what are you suggesting? Either make everyone pay for health insurance or allow the ER to turn you away if you can't pay. Also, everyone? Really? You mean people without insurance, which is about 30 million people. Many of them will probably be exempt because they don't make enough.

07/03/12 7:40 am

@cdfl exactly, it won't since it is and will remain illegal to turn anyone away in an ER. This didn't fix anything except now EVERYONE will have to pay a tax (that just like insurance) will more than likely rise when people don't pay it.

07/03/12 7:10 am

So maybe Joe Wilson was right....

07/03/12 7:09 am

I'm just saying we will still be on the hook for all of that because you are right no legal ID is the person working? Who for? Will his employer be liable? Or is there a section in this act that addresses this?

CDFL alt right, alt snowflake
07/03/12 7:01 am

I've never heard anyone say it would fix illegals using he system

adalla Virginia
07/03/12 7:00 am

They give a false name and the hospital eats the cost. Happens all the time now, won't change under Obamacare.

Despite the rosy promises of its supporters... Gullible fools

07/03/12 6:41 am

...obviously they can't tax us.

07/03/12 6:41 am

Nvr- how would they? Though if an illegal immigrant shows up in the ER prior to ACA doctors still have to provide service so it doesn't change that. The person would still technically be liable for the fee to the doctor though. Similar to when US citizens visit an ER in Canada. We pay a fee but...

07/03/12 6:35 am

So lets say in 2017 we are rocking on reaping the benefits of the fully implemented ACA and an illegal immigrant shows up in the emergency room with a serious heart issue. Will the IRS collect a tax from this person? You know this will come up hundreds of thousands of times.

adalla Virginia
07/03/12 4:47 am

Thank you Dadstad - you clearly understand what INSURANCE is. Supporters of the ACA see insurance companies as just another group with money they can take for their "needs."

dadstad Texas
07/03/12 4:32 am

Someone who has no medical coverage shouldn't expect an insurance company to pay to repair a heart after a lifetime of neglecting our health and not paying into the system any more than we would expect them to accept us as a new customer and replace our home the day after a tornado blows it down.

07/03/12 12:42 am

After the SCOTUS vote and the Religious Right began fear-mongering again with talk of "death panels" are they forgetting God protects His Flock. So what are we to glean? SCOTUS has more power than God? Is that what you'll tell Him on Judgment Day? Only the unbeliever worries about "death panels."

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/02/12 11:35 pm

And why pay someone to not help you when you actually need it. Fuck health insurance

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/02/12 11:32 pm

The only insurance i need is auto and life, so when i drive off a cliff my family has some money

07/02/12 11:27 pm

2.5 percent of your income or $2,085..whichever is GREATER. Sorry poor folks hoping to cheat the law.

07/02/12 11:24 pm

Again, SOH is being misleading. 2.5 percent, up to $2,085 per family a year. Why would a family pay an additional $2k instead of paying for the health insurance that they should be investing in? Don't forget, they still have to pay the hospital bills as well. Trumped up, misleading question.