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Show Of Hands April 19th, 2012 12:00am

Given the choice, would you board a commercial airplane flight that bypassed all current TSA security screenings?

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jimmie Missouri
04/29/12 8:34 pm

If they gave everyone a gun on a plane there would be no need for the tsa because any terrorest would be swiss cheese before he could do anything

Fact FL
04/29/12 10:21 am

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Fact FL
04/29/12 10:20 am

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thouzer New York
04/27/12 1:31 pm

Someone already said it but it needs to be states again there's a difference in security and fear the TERRORrists win if you live a life by fear protect yourselves and protect others there are more good people than bad in this world

kandtm Oregon
04/27/12 3:49 am

if the TSA is not doing it, the airline would privatize it and would become an industry.

04/25/12 7:10 pm

TSA sucks. They need to privatize them.

04/24/12 7:39 pm

Archie Bunker had the answer back in the 70's. (lots of hijackings back then) Arm the passengers. Hand out guns on take off and collect them when you land. Encourage people to bring their own guns.

JAsher Fishers, IN
04/24/12 3:29 pm

I have an idea. Why don't we have two lines? Those of you who don't want to go thru security don't have to, but when you're sitting at the gate trying to figure out why so many crazy-looking people are sitting around you, you might wish you were sitting with us on the other side of the airport.

Itabliss Hello
04/24/12 9:59 am

your ignoring the incredibly tiny chance there is of actually having a terrorist hijack a plane. How many actual terrorist plots have the increased invasion of privacy prevented?????

04/24/12 9:23 am

Lol. The terrorist win!

04/23/12 10:07 am

There would be fucking terrorists EVERYWHERE

04/22/12 5:20 pm

you are right, but I'm willing to risk my life for others. I'll kick those high jackets asses! one thing you must remember we out number the six idiots!

ngupta Massachusetts
04/22/12 8:49 am

32% of Americans don't mind dying...

mac Oregon
04/22/12 8:24 am

35,000 feet in the air requires only a few minutes at a gate, no big deal and not a violation of personal space or freedom. Those of you against security and safety are the first to scream foul when crap goes down. Groped, stolen from, humiliated by TSA? Confused with your block party event?C'mon!

lizrox California
04/22/12 8:20 am

since i can bring whatever i want for protection from crazies, probably... but it would depend on the size of the flight and if i could view the passengers first

04/21/12 10:00 pm

RonPaulGal, how is a metal detector going to detect explosives?

04/21/12 9:08 pm

When are the idiot-girly men going to realize the x-rays hurt you less than the smog in the city? If you're going to whine- take another mode of transportation. Jerk had told me not touch his junk- I'd have called him a little girl & told him to take the bus! Worst thing is these morons vote!

04/21/12 8:09 pm

I don't mind metal detectors run by the airlines but that's it. None of this TSA garbage.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/21/12 7:14 pm

I can't believe all of you sheeple wanting all of the new TSA crap. I would have thought that with an attempt similar to 911 we would rip the terrorists from limb to limb knowing they're intentions.

04/21/12 12:56 pm

If someone is going to blow something up why would they choose a plane? I don't think it is very risky. People are paranoid.

04/21/12 12:43 pm

The logic of skipping security & bringing guns is kinda ridiculous. How is a gun going to save you from a bomb??

That's like taking a knife to a gunfight!

04/21/12 10:17 am

As long as I could bring my good friends, Smith and Wesson!

04/21/12 9:32 am

You liberals conveniently forget 911

04/21/12 9:31 am

I just got an uncomfortable feeling." Michael Tuohey former ticket agent at Portland International Jetport, said he wanted to report the feeling bet didn't want to be viewed as a racist.

04/21/12 9:30 am

According to recently declassified documents, Atta apparently had been led to believe he could receive a boarding pass for his connecting flight in Boston at check-in in Portland.; "I looked in (Atta's) eyes, and he just looked angry.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/21/12 9:19 am

They have also given security for teen prom, showing they aren't looking just for terrorists. So where's the cutoff point? Malls and city sidewalks?.

Nazi Germany had highway checkpoints to "protect the people". The TSA has the same stuff in border states and Tennessee.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
04/21/12 9:08 am

TSA is unconstitutional. I would rather risk my safety than lose my liberty. Benjamin Franklin had a quote "those who sacrifice liberty for a little safety deserve neither safety nor liberty". TSA has branched out to NFL games. That has nothing to do with transportation. Where's the cutoff point?

ProfDG I Want Truth
04/21/12 7:19 am

The TSA does not make it safer to fly.

04/21/12 4:04 am

Had money stolen from my bag by a TSA employee. They even put a notice In my luggage after doing so....morons

CG Texas
04/20/12 11:30 pm

I think we should have a flight were everyone who gets on (save criminals and children) is given a small caliber handgun. Let's see anybody do anything crazy on that flight. Think about it.

04/20/12 10:10 pm

Zod, I travel a lot and have nothing but respect for these people who are just doing their jobs & following policies. Sure there are some bad apples - but if any other agency or business with 50K+ employees was put under a microscope they'd have bad press too. Thank you for keeping us safe tsa!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/20/12 9:30 pm

tcby I got the repeat scan, then the pat down myself last October on a domestic return flight. Over the pants, not in them, but everything got touched. I should be happy to know my package appears so threatening, but mostly it was just annoying.

04/20/12 9:19 pm

Dislike the TSA? Ron Paul 2012

04/20/12 9:19 pm

Not home of the brave - home of the marginally afraid lmao.

04/20/12 8:38 pm

Paulson, so when exactly was the last time someone from tsa put their hands down your pants, stole from you and/or groped your family? When is the last time you witnessed them harassing a 90 year old? Seriously. Why regurgitate the invalid dramatic ramblings of others and the media?

04/20/12 8:21 pm

Id prefer to fly without strangers sticking their dirty hands down my pants, stealing, groping my family and harassing 90 year old people. The TSA screening process is a joke and a violation of the 4th Amendment. Wake up America !!!!!

Mister CA
04/20/12 8:01 pm

Everyone that voted pro-TSA deserves neither liberty nor security.

atm1901 Maryland
04/20/12 7:56 pm

Imagine this scenario if Obama gets his way and gets rid of the Federal Flight Deck Officer (armed pilots) program.

catey Pennsylvania
04/20/12 7:37 pm

I have respect for the TSA screamers for taking a job not many others want, but I have a bubble. There are places where I don't enjoy having a stranger touch me in public. I almost feel embarrassed for THEM.

04/20/12 7:34 pm

In a heartbeat! I hate those goofy TSA screeners!! They wouldn't know a bomb if I wrote BOMB on it. They would just be searching the old lady in a wheelchair and taking her lipgloss ..

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/20/12 7:24 pm

Oh, and I didn't say I'd be bouncing the passengers around on purpose. :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
04/20/12 7:22 pm

tcby no they sure wouldn't. They let me fly the little ones in nice weather, but I wouldn't probably even be able to figure out how to adjust the seat on a 737, never mind have a clue how to get it started.

MichaelJC Home
04/20/12 7:15 pm

cowards. freedom isn't free people!

04/20/12 6:45 pm

It's soooo easy to sneak stuff by the TSA, lol.