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Crooner showdown: Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra? (UserQ)

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croc122 Florida
11/22/11 1:47 am

I first became acquainted with Tony Bennant one or two years ago at Christmas time when Apple released one of his songs the iTunes Single of the Week.

11/17/11 6:27 pm

omg you uncultured children.....go away and use google. Let me put it in terms for you young ones to understand. Tony just released an album with duets with Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse. But how the feck could u not have heard of Frank Sinatra?

11/17/11 6:25 pm

Tony's great but Sinatra is sexier

smiley12 California
11/15/11 10:52 pm

My Way by Sinatra is one of my favorite songs.

kjos USA
11/14/11 6:43 am

@Kristea I'd have to disagree with you. Though I am a "younger person," 17, I still know a little about the oldies. I prefer Sinatra because in my opinion his voice is smoother and more relaxing. He is more upbeat as well and I often find his songs stuck in my head.

11/11/11 7:10 pm

These people are whom may I ask?

ETSUbuc90 Illinois
11/10/11 4:55 pm

It depends on my mood. Even though I'm only 21, these are two of my absolute favorite musicians. I had to go with old blue eyes because he was my introduction to this wonderful genre of music.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/10/11 6:07 am

I like Sinatra better than Tony Bennett, but if we're talking about classic male crooners, I have to say I love Bing Crosby best of all. Something about his baritone voice just makes me smile. I'd rather listen to Bing than Tony or Frank or Dino or anyone else from that era.

kristea Denton, TX
11/09/11 10:27 pm

If you notice, more younger people went with Sinatra. I think that's cause he is more widely known but as a person obsessed with crooner-style music, Bennett's voice is much smoother, relaxing, & enjoyable.

11/09/11 10:09 pm

Who are these people?

11/09/11 5:12 pm

Bennett is by far the better singer- Sinatra was a much more influential musician.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/09/11 4:23 pm

Tony Bennet. anytime,such a good man and singer.

11/09/11 4:06 pm


eradicator JC
11/09/11 10:28 am

Sinatra had chunks of neutered ponces like Buble in his stool.

eradicator JC
11/09/11 10:24 am

Haha, @fairness, Dino was a better performer than both of them!

eradicator JC
11/09/11 10:22 am

Come on, Sinatra without question. It's like comparing, I don't know, John Lennon with Rod Stewart.

eradicator JC
11/09/11 10:16 am

Genius is not about being a nice guy. Watch any BioPic ever.

11/09/11 9:53 am

Look at the age filter. Says it all.

Kids who don't know who either are just say Sinatra because they recognize the name. Probably have never heard his voice.

11/09/11 9:51 am

Just look at Jackson. If you'd asked anyone on the street 5 minutes before his death whether or not Jackson is a child molester they would have said "Without a doubt.". Now that's completely forgotten and he's a hero.

11/09/11 9:31 am

Interesting point Valerie. Posthumous recognition is common.

11/09/11 7:53 am

From the results, I would say this question is a bit of a non-starter.

valeriejo ramble on
11/09/11 6:04 am

Even tho Bennett is without a doubt a nicer and better man than Sinatra was.

valeriejo ramble on
11/09/11 6:04 am

Frank will always be the best. Men just don't sing like that anymore.

This is kind of morbid, but it'll be interesting to see what happens after Bennett passes. I mean he's been around so long, people take him for granted. His popularity will skyrocket, but it'll still be old blue eyes for me.

11/09/11 1:36 am

You just can't compare buble and sinatra. Although I like both, they're not even on the same playing field.

11/09/11 1:09 am

Bennett is a chump. He doesn't like America.

huh Washington
11/09/11 12:59 am

Wasn't Smile from Nat King Cole?

shibby502 Kentucky
11/09/11 12:05 am

Bennett is so much better!! Smile is one of my favorite songs of all time

JakeLep Madison, WI
11/08/11 11:33 pm

Sinatra is simply the best. End of story.

ryno Flyover Country
11/08/11 11:21 pm

Buble is a chump compared to Sinatra

11/08/11 11:14 pm

umm....Michael bublé just sayin'

11/08/11 11:07 pm

Bennett is way better. I think a lot of people voted for Sinatra for the big name.

11/08/11 11:03 pm

Maybe Tony is from Vermont?

guardgirl4ever Georgia
11/08/11 10:43 pm

I am disappointed in Vermont, Frank Sinatra is amazing.

11/08/11 10:39 pm

@ Tops, Bennett is still a nice person, he just released another album ;-) He is also very cool, great singer, but I voted for Frank. Loved Dean Martin, so sexy! Purrrrrrrr. . . .

11/08/11 10:25 pm

Both were good, but Frank Sinatra has the greater legacy.

11/08/11 10:15 pm

it's hard to win a showdown when you're dead.