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Show Of Hands January 22nd, 2013 12:00am

If you feel borderline "under the weather" but not yet totally sick, do you stay home or go to work/school?

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MonAmour Illinois
01/27/13 10:24 pm

Did that today, I ended up feeling perfectly fine by the end of my shift

01/27/13 7:43 am

I stay home and fill up on Airborne, EmergenC, take a sip of NyQuil , head to bed and when I wake up, I've usually fought off the bug.

01/25/13 5:31 pm

It honestly depends on whether I have a lot of work of not. If it's busy I'll go for sure. I prefer not to skip so when I'm actually sick I have a free day.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
01/25/13 5:09 pm

So almost everyone would go to work and get everyone sick... That's reassuring

01/25/13 4:50 pm

I am in high school and cannot afford to miss school. I will be there if I have strep throat

chile safer than congress
01/24/13 11:00 pm

The immune system (unless destroyed/seriously damaged) keeps germs at bay. Viruses require more complex action deep with our cells, but still not unmanageable.

Add smoking, obesity, myriads of chemicals, and the body can no longer perform properly. Then the pharma companies start their sales pitch.

01/24/13 1:36 pm

I need a vacation once in a while.

01/24/13 1:22 pm

How does that make everyone else sick if I stay home?

I think that people shouldn't get sick from others just because they don't wanna go home. But it's also not great missing school or work because you get behind. That's why it's worth at least seeing if it gets better which happens to me all the

01/24/13 6:00 am

But when that employee comes in and gets the rest of the team sick or starts to infect other people in the office you now have a bigger problem on your hands all because you want to be a cowboy.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 12:53 am

I think it is more likely they simply fail to realize germs are what make people contagious. If they really don't make that connection they deserve to get sick just on principle.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/24/13 12:49 am

I stay at home unless I really hate my co-workers, teachers, or classmates. If I really hate any of the above then I cough a lot, rarely cover my mouth, and then blame all of them for not encouraging me to stay home (with pay) when, if they were smart, they should have encourage me to stay home.

peacenskis Alaska
01/24/13 12:04 am

Not one sick day in 11 years

01/23/13 11:47 pm

Go. Or in my case, work from home.

shaka-shollz The armpit of America
01/23/13 10:09 pm

Nothing brings people together like some old fashioned truancy :)

chile safer than congress
01/23/13 10:08 pm

The cumulative results are encouraging. It seems America still has a strong work ethic.

Bekka Just relaxing...
01/23/13 9:23 pm

Borderline days outnumber sick days...

LonStarGrl Far Northern CA
01/23/13 9:18 pm

When you first feel "under the weather".......can be the time that you are MOST CONTAGIOUS !! Stay home folks & keep your snotty kids home too!

fire4life Narnia
01/23/13 9:09 pm

I was always told to "walk it off" haha. Just like an injury in a soccer game.

rhse50 Georgia
01/23/13 8:40 pm

BTW insurance DID pay for a huge portion of bone marrow transplant b/c it was life or death. I work HR & most policies have exceptions/clauses that cover certain diseases. Yes, lifetime maximums come into play, but even w/ $4k+ deductible, it gets covered. $5 a mo payment for life maybe, but alive!

DrReid Ever present.
01/23/13 8:38 pm

The budget for every fiscal year is based on the one before it. Obama inherited a very high deficit. Bush signed the 2009 fiscal budget.

rhse50 Georgia
01/23/13 8:33 pm

Bone marrow transplant does cost. We paid an insurance premium for the last 15+ yrs for a reason. 45 days in hospital + 6 mo of weekly/bi-weekly trips to dr 1.5 hr away while trying to care for family...I'm definitely not a liberal. Qualified for disability. Didn't take it. Went out & found a job.

Goldiemol dry side of WA
01/23/13 8:08 pm

He had only been really sick once! ( we've known for a year)I don't have a sterile house but hand washing goes a long way. I have some sanitizer in the car but we mostly wash hands.

Goldiemol dry side of WA
01/23/13 8:06 pm

I have a immune compromised son. I'd much rather his teachers and classmates stay home so he does not get sick and end up in the hospital when he gets to going to school. We don't send him to preschool or daycare. Our friends know that if they are not feeling well don't come over. Since finding out

susanr Colorado
01/23/13 5:02 pm

I've never been a union member but any full-time job I've had offered paid sick days. That includes a hospital, a contractor for the government, and a university. Spanning 36 years.

scrubby New York
01/23/13 4:58 pm

I go to work , I same my sick time for fun time off.... Stress days

beamie Michigan
01/23/13 4:43 pm

I'm a union member and I DON'T get sick pay. My company faugh it saying they never have and never will offer sick time

01/23/13 4:29 pm

Stay home people!! Don't take your germs into work or school!!

01/23/13 4:22 pm

No question....I go in and even when I am ready to fall over, because people want what they want and do not care about otherwise.

beamie Michigan
01/23/13 4:22 pm

Really?!? Pregnant womb have been around sick people for millions of years and with the advancement of thee focal field pretty sure you're not going to get anything that will harm your baby. If anything it will help to provide anti body; and resistance to germs. You know build an immune system.

catey Pennsylvania
01/23/13 4:13 pm

I play The Clash game - should I stay or should I go. :) I normally end up going.

01/23/13 3:35 pm

Union members aren't the only people who get sick pay. My mother uses all of her paid sick leave every year, and she is non-union. My father, in contrast, has never taken a sick day, and he is a union employee.

01/23/13 3:21 pm

I have only missed 2 days of school because of illness or injury in a 9 year period. Truly Blessed!!!

Doopy Remedial Americanism
01/23/13 2:37 pm

There's people depending on me. It doesn't matter if I'm losing arms and legs. If I'm not contagious, I'm going it.

01/23/13 2:09 pm

I work in kindergarten. I've sneezed at, coughed on, vomited on...etc. but I still rarely call in. Maybe my system is getting tougher?

01/23/13 2:06 pm

I work in a school so am FORCED to be union but I save my sick days in case I truly need them! I rarely call in sick.

01/23/13 2:01 pm

Plus I'm saving up my sick days for a nervous breakdown!!

01/23/13 2:00 pm

I've worked with mono, shingles, strep,pneumonia. I just keep on keeping on! And I work in a school. I can't give them anything they didn't give me FIRST!

weallhave1 Tennessee
01/23/13 1:48 pm

I go to work even when legit sick. I have to be completely unable to work to call out.

jenks76 Western Kentucky
01/23/13 12:52 pm

Not all unions have sick days. I'm union and if I don't work I don't get paid. Management however does get paid sick days.

memiata ohio
01/23/13 12:06 pm

Have only called in sick 1 time in 30 years. Never been a union member that gets sick pay. I guess you just learn to suck it up and do the job you're being paid to do.

Loadmaster Sacto
01/23/13 11:37 am

I am a strange guy

Loadmaster Sacto
01/23/13 11:25 am

TIL 11 percent of Americans are lazy, deceitful jerks

cowboy Dog Father
01/23/13 11:05 am

The question doesn't say "ill", does it? It says "under the weather" which could mean anything from a little cough to a hangover. If skip out on a days pay for nothing, you're a pussy.

Montego En Route
01/23/13 10:30 am

People get it, you're super cool and tough. How does is make one a pussy not to want endure work when ill?

cowboy Dog Father
01/23/13 10:26 am

I've worked while having the flu. Suck it up pussies.

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/23/13 9:53 am

Lol! At least your boss is probably cute! :)

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
01/23/13 9:50 am

When I was in school, I'd skip for a paper cut or a cough.
I don't call in sick to work unless I can't drive there because I'm dizzy or throwing up. If I can get there, I go to work.

MarciS Formerly mjs83
01/23/13 9:40 am

I know lots of ppl with allergies and if they having a coughing fit they usually just assure me it allergies and we're cool. As far as not having sick time to take I get that that's tough so if its a cold ok fine. But if you have something that could harm my baby I'll pay you myself to stay home.